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Less Accounting

How Less Accounting is keeping that personal touch customers love using Groove

Founded in 2006 by Allan Branch, LessAccounting is a provider of a simple small business-accounting software that allows clients to easily track online invoices. The company consists of accountants, bookkeepers, technologists, customer delight agents, tax and payroll specialists. They all work together towards the vision of building an end-to-end finance and accounting eco-system that can handle and integrate any tasks from bank statement imports to year-end taxes filling.

With thousands of customers using their software, LessAccounting tram needed a help desk solution that could keep up.

Life before Groove: From Gmail to Zendesk - When nothing feels quite right

Less Accounting has been operating for 7 years before the founder, Allan Branch, stumbled upon Groove. During this time, Allan and his team have tried out a lot of different customer support applications. They used everything from Gmail up to enterprise level tools, such as Zendesk. But nothing had felt quite right until they found Groove.

As Allan explains, the company needed something simple enough for the whole team to use without having to “learn” the software, but powerful enough to keep their customer service personal as they grew.

Gmail wasn’t cutting it off because it didn’t support collaboration between the team members, and it was missing important functionalities such as ticket assignment or reporting. Worst of all, it made it impossible to keep control over their inbox once LessAccounting started growing their customer base.

LessAccounting moved to Zendesk with the hope that it will solve the problems they were facing with Gmail. Unfortunately, while some of the things improved, new challenges surfaced. Zendesk turned out to be quite complex and clunky to use. LessAccounting was struggling their way through macros, triggers, and all sorts of features they were never using. They had to keep refreshing their inbox in order to be able to see new emails. They also noticed that their emails lost the personal look and feel that they and their customers liked so much when using Gmail.

After some time with Zendesk, Allan started looking for an alternative solution and he found Groove.

"To our customers, our support looks and feels just like email. They don’t know the difference. But for our customer support agents, Groove gives us all the features we need to give awesome customer support."

Allan Branch · Co-founder at Less Accounting

Making customer support more personal

Allan decided to give Groove a try and once he signed up he immediately knew that this is the software they were looking for. “I signed up for the free trial and within 10 minutes we were using Groove as our customer support tool. It was literally that easy,” says Allan.

One of the things that sold Allan is that they were able to start with a simple ticketing system but could add on other tools like a Knowledge Base when they were ready.

Most of all, Allan loved that Groove let his team take control of their inbox while still keeping that personal touch their customers love. Groove looked and felt exactly like email to their customers. Their customers didn’t have to deal anymore with corporate-looking templates or annoying auto-responses that were clogging up their inbox every time they send a reply to one of the emails from the LessAccounting team.

With the help of Groove, LessAccounting was finally able to easily stay on top of their support emails while at the same time keep their customers happy.

Their favorite Groove features:

  • Email look and feel
  • Simple automation
  • Reporting
Less Accounting

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