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Total amount of Mailboxes or channels (Facebook/Twitter) on your account

1 5 25
25+ Integrations

Integrate with the tools your team knows and loves like Slack, Olark, Zapier, and many more.

1 Unlimited Unlimited
Reporting data retention

How long we store your reporting history for

30-day limit All time All time

Use groups to organize your teams and their conversations.

None Unlimited Unlimited
API Access

Take control of your data with our powerful and flexible API.

Satisfaction ratings

Get instant feedback on how your customers feel about the support they get.

Workflows / Rules / Automation

Speed up your workflow by using rules to automatically route new conversations.

Custom profile

Connect Groove to nearly any 3rd-party app to add custom data to the sidebar of your conversations.


Ping your teammates to get their attention by using @mentions in your internal notes.

Internal notes

Collaborate behind the scenes with notes that only you and your team can see.

Canned replies

Keep answers to common questions at your fingertips to easily insert them into conversations.

Knowledge base included

Help your customers help themselves with your own branded knowledge base


Authenticate your users using Single Sign On, and SAML

No No Coming Soon

Compliance with the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) right out the box

No No Coming Soon
Email management
Advanced formatting

Use bold, italics, hyperlinks, and lists to make your replies more readable for your customers.

Attach files

Attach photos or documents up to 19.5MB by dragging them right into the conversation.

Auto Bcc

Automatically BCC an email address (like your CRM) to keep an external record of all your replies.

Auto reply

Let customers know that you’ve received their email with automatic replies.

Bulk actions

Batch changes to conversations to avoid having to repeat the same action over and over.

Collapsible threads

Collapse and expand all messages in a conversation for easy viewing.

Create new conversations

Send new outgoing messages and create a new conversation directly in Groove.

Custom folders

Create custom views for certain types of conversations to suit your workflow.

Delete conversations

Clear the clutter by deleting conversations you no longer need.

Email forwarding

Automatically forward incoming mail to your Groove account to create and track your conversations.

Email signatures

Set up rich-text-friendly signatures that your whole team can use.

Forward individual conversations

Create new conversations in Groove by forwarding non-private emails from your personal account.

Forward out of Groove

Forward conversations from Groove to an external email address for private conversations with a 3rd-party.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Move faster with shortcuts for common actions.

Merge conversations

Merge two conversations together to keep related emails in the same conversation.

Move between inboxes

Move your conversations to other inboxes to stay organized with the correct person or team.


Emails, social media, chat, and phone calls all in one place.

Multiple inboxes

Support multiple brands or support addresses from the same dashboard with unlimited inboxes.

Open tracking

Know when your message was read by the customer with email read receipts.

Outgoing SMTP settings

Use your own servers to send outgoing emails from Groove.

Phone conversations

Keep detailed notes of phone conversations for easy reference and follow-up.


Use powerful search operators to find the exact conversations you need with minimal effort.


Snooze pending conversations so they re-open at a later time or act as a reminder to follow up.

Spam filtering

Another layer of spam filtering to help you cut down on the noise.

Starred searches

Use starred searches to keep your most important conversations just a click away at all times.


Organize conversations or tag them for future reference, just like you do with email.

Undo Send

Helps you catch mistakes before they get sent with countdown periods from 5-30 seconds.

Unified inbox view

Consolidate all of your inboxes into a simple, single inbox view.


Use webhooks to post data to your server whenever a certain event has happened in Groove.

Customer Insights
Contact details

Make editable notes about customers to keep next to all of their conversations.

Customer History

See the full support history of a customer at a glance, without having to search.

Team Collaboration
Agent availability

Set yourself "Away" so your open conversations go to your teammates while you're gone.


By assigning conversations to specific teammates, it’s always clear who is responsible for what.

Inbox permissions

Keep inboxes separated among agents with customizable privacy settings.

Update conversations via email

Reply to email notifications to leave notes or reply to your customers without logging in.

Agent permissions

Control what settings and actions your team members have access to in your Groove account.

Agent profile photos

Add a bit of personality to your team workspace with profile photos for each user.

Email notifications

Receive email notifications for activity in Groove to stay on top of things even when you're not logged in.

Collision detection

Easily see if a teammate is already replying to a conversation to avoid embarrassing double replies.

Agent Statuses

Know where every conversation stands by marking it as Open, Pending or Closed.

Reporting retention

How long we store your reporting history for

30-day limit Unlimited Unlimited
Conversations reporting

Quickly understand your team's workload and identify trends

Productivity reports

See what your team is doing great and where they could use some help

Happiness reports

A deep dive into customer sentiment

Company report

A detailed look at agent and team performance

Live chat

We’ve partnered with Olark to deliver the best live support tool, embedded inside Groove's Support Widget.

Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon

Stay on top of your customers and your team from any mobile device.

No email branding

Groove stays invisible and your emails to customers look just like regular emails.

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with Inbox
Knowledge bases

Total amount of active knowledge bases you can have on your account

1 Unlimited
Remove branding

Remove the "Powered by Groove" mention on the footer

Reporting retention limit

How long we store your reporting history for

30-day limit Unlimited
SEO settings

Set SEO meta data and visibility for your Knowledge base

Opengraph settings

Make sure your content looks just right when it's shared on social media

Insights / AI / Bot

Get article creation suggestions based off recent customer queries and searches

Coming soon
Custom domain

Easily use your own domain with your knowledge base

1-Click SSL

All accounts come with free, 1-click SSL provisioned from Let’s Encrypt!

API Access

Get full management of your Knowledge base with our comprehensive API

Set your own colors

Set the colors used in your Knowledge base theme to match your brand

Font selection

Choose from a selection of great system and Google fonts for your Knowledge base

Logo upload

Easily upload your companies own logo shown on all your Knowledge base pages

Custom menu links

Set your own list of menu links shown on all pages of your Knowledge base

Custom Favicon

Easily upload your own favicon shown on all your Knowledge base pages

Custom backgrounds

Customise your Knowledge base even more with your own background image

Mobile Ready Themes

Fully responsive and customizable themes

SEO Meta descriptions

Set your SEO meta title, description, robots and indexing for your articles and categories

Open Graph Image

Set the Open graph title, description and image easily for your articles and categories

Remove branding

Remove the "Powered by Groove" mention on the footer

Article creation

Create comprehensive, self help articles for your knowledge base


Add articles to categories for simplified navigation of your knowledge base

Comprehensive WYSIWYG editor

We include all common and best practice formatting options for your article creation

Featured Articles

Set featured articles that show up on your Knowledge base Home page for quick access

Embed Images

Embed and manage images in your Knowledge base articles

Embed Videos

Embed and manage videos in your Knowledge base articles directly from Youtube

Article Tags

Add tags to your articles for quick categorisation and filtering

Related articles

Set related articles for quick and easy navigation on your article

Article attachments

Add attachments directly into your Knowledge base articles

Article sorting

Set the order of the articles that you would like them to appear in your categories

Reporting retention limit

How long we store your reporting history for

30-day limit Unlimited
Knowledge base performance

See high level metrics of pageview and visitor metrics for your knowledge base

Article insights

Insights into your highest and lowest performing articles

Search report

See most common and failed searches for your knowledge base

Article suggestions

Get suggestions into which articles to create based off customer queries, searches and recent ratings

Password protection

Require a Password for users to access your Knowledge base

IP Restriction

Limit your Knowledge Base to be accessible only to certain IP Addresses

Google Analytics

Add your Google Analytics tracking code to your Knowledge base in a few clicks

Custom JS

Add Javascript to the header or footer of your Knowledge base

Powerful search

Search that looks not only at article titles, but also the contents of the articles


Allow users to give ratings on whether or not articles helped solve their issue

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