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Ticket Management System

Turn support tickets into amazing customer experiences.

Ticket Assignments

Share the workload by assigning tickets to other agents or groups.

Private Notes

Collaborate behind the scenes with notes that only you and your team can see.

Ticket Statuses

Know where every ticket stands by marking it as Open, Pending or Closed.

Multiple Mailboxes

Support multiple brands or support addresses from the same dashboard with unlimited mailboxes.

Outside Email Forwarding

Forward emails to third parties for collaboration, while keeping everything in one place.

Email Signatures

Set up rich-text-friendly signatures that your whole team can use.

Merging Tickets

Merge duplicate tickets to avoid having to manage multiple threads on the same issue.

Customer Support History

See the full support history of every customer without having to search.

Mailbox Permissions

Keep mailboxes separated among agents with customizable privacy settings.

File Attachments

Attach photos or documents up to 19.5MB by dragging them right into the ticket.

Mass Actions

Batch ticket changes to avoid having to repeat the same action over and over.

Ticket Priorities

Help your team tackle the most important problems first by assigning ticket priorities.

Contact Details

Make editable notes about each customer to keep next to all of their tickets.

Log Phone Calls

Keep detailed notes of phone conversations for easy reference and follow-up.

Custom Profiles

View data from your CRM, billing software, internal CMS or any other third-party app.

Custom Outgoing Settings

Apply custom SMTP settings to your Mailbox to keep records on your own server.

Forwarding Emails

Forward an email from your personal inbox into Groove to automatically create a ticket.

Updating Tickets Via Email

Respond to email notifications from your personal inbox, and Groove will update the ticket.


Automate your workflow by setting rules for incoming tickets.


Organize tickets or tag them for future reference, just like you do with email.

Auto Replies

Let your customer know that you’ve received their email with automatic replies.


Break your team into smaller groups to better delegate ticket responsibilities.

Collision Detection

See who else is working on the same ticket to avoid duplicate responses.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Make your workflow move faster with shortcuts for common actions.

Canned Replies

Keep the best answers to common questions at your fingertips, and easily insert them into any ticket.

Knowledge Base

Your Knowledge Base ensures that your customer service is always online.

24/7 Support

Your KB is always online, even when you’re not.

Custom Branding

Personalize with your company’s logo, custom branding and HTML/CSS.

Searchable Answers

Customers can search articles to find answers quickly.

Language Options

Choose from 12 different languages.

Easy Collaboration

Save articles in draft mode and see who else is working on them.

Multimedia Support

Add photos, charts, graphs and GIFs to your articles.

GitHub Support

Share code with your customers using GitHub Gists.


A simple editor to make creating articles simple.

Self-Help Success

See how effective your KB articles are with self-help success metrics.

Article Usefulness

Improve your KB by letting your customers vote on the usefulness of each article.

Top Searches

See the exact words customers are using to search your KB.

Top Articles

Track which KB articles are getting the most views.

Support Widget

A contact widget that always puts support within reach


There when your customers need it, out of the way when they don’t.

Instant Answers

The contact widget suggests answers as your customers search.

Live Chat

Our partnership with Olark lets you deliver live chat support, right from Groove.

Install It Anywhere

The contact form widget can be installed on any page of your site or app.

Simple To Install

Installs with a copy/paste of a single line of code.

Completely Customizable

Personalize with custom branding and HTML/CSS.


Stay on top of the most important online customer support metrics.

Satisfaction Ratings

Get instant feedback on how your customers feel about the support they get.

Label Trends

Spot support trends by seeing which labels are being used most among your team.

Average first reply time

Track how long it takes your team to get started on a customer’s request.

Average reply time

Track the average reply time across all emails that your team gets.

Average handle time

See how long it takes to solve your customers’ problems, start to finish.

Top canned replies

Improve your onboarding by seeing which canned replies are being used most.

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