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The awesome people behind Groove.

Get to know the wonderful remote team from across the globe who’s building our product, supporting our customers, and making Groove an exciting place to work.

  • team member

    Alex Turnbull

    CEO & Founder

    Newport, United States
  • team member

    Konrad Janczyk

    Backend Engineer

    Krakow, Poland
  • team member

    Tayo Agagu

    Backend Engineer

    Cape Town, South Africa
  • team member

    Graham Pitout

    Head of Support

    Cape Town, South Africa
  • team member

    Matt Beedle

    Backend Engineer

    Phuket, Thailand
  • team member

    Cindy Chan

    React Engineer

    Zhejiang, China
  • team member

    Kevin Rademan

    Backend Engineer

    Cape Town, South Africa
  • team member

    Piotr Klupa

    Backend Engineer

    Krakow, Poland
  • team member

    Jared Scheel

    Backend Engineer

    Nashville, TN, USA
  • team member

    Adri Jordaan

    Customer Support

    Cape Town, South Africa
  • team member

    Yao Chan

    React Engineer

    Zhejiang, China
  • team member

    Tony Gass

    Account Executive

    Bellingham, WA, USA
  • team member

    Vlad Falin

    Content Marketing

    New York, NY, USA
  • team member

    Benjamin Alijagić


    San Francisco, CA, USA
What We Stand For

We put people first, always!

All businesses are built by people (our team) for people (our customers). This is why we must put people first in everything we do from a small product feature to the biggest company decisions.


We do the right thing every time.

When it’s right for the people, the company, and you’re proud of the decision, then it’s the right thing. Sometimes doing the right thing is hard, but doing it over is harder. This is why we must always do the right thing, every time.


We fight for our customer’s success.

Our customers have a lot of trust in us, and we are grateful for our role in our customers’ lives. We only win when they win, so it is our duty to go above and beyond to do the right thing and help our customers succeed.


We commit to excellence by paying attention to details.

We are high-performers, and we take pride in what we do. This is why we give all our effort and energy to not just the first 98%, but also the last 2% by paying attention to every little detail, so we can make our customers and families proud.


We labor for simplicity.

We believe that complexity is the enemy of execution. This is why we always labor for simplicity. Whether it’s in our products or our processes, we go the extra mile to ensure we’re always making things simpler. No useless meetings, no wasting time.

“Groove's streamlined features empower my team to handle support efficiently, freeing me up as the CEO.”
Jonah PhillipsCEO @Work Sheet Maker
“Switching to Groove was a game-changer. Price, simplicity, and excellent design. The Knowledge base and Team Inbox are phenomenal.”
Andy JohnsonFounder & CEO @High Side
We found the perfect fit in Groove. Sharing emails, allocating responsibility, templates, and efficient workflow - all in one!”
Brett GirenPresident & Co-founder
@Isibindi Africa Lodges
It's the perfect solution! Easy tracking, collaboration, and a valuable knowledge base for efficient customer support.”
Jeremy DagerathHead of Customer Success
@C12 Group
We switched to Groove from Zendesk because of simplicity. No more complexity, just personalized emails and great deliverability.”
Stenn TransethHead of Customer Success
@The Hustle
“Groove stood out with its design and simplicity versus Zendesk. Easy to use, customer-centric, and no overwhelming ticket chains.”
Eric MerckleyFounder & CEO @Echidna Sewing
Seamless and powerful: Groove transformed our B2B support, simplifying teamwork while keeping the personal touch.”
Alexander FergusonCMO @Teraleap
“Groove transformed our agency's workflow, keeping everything tidy, clients happy, and projects on track. A game-changer!”
Jack ManleyFounder @Freestyle Digital

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