Brand assets for Groove

We think it’s great that you like Groove! This simple
guide will help you use our brand in the right way.

Our name and tagline

We always capitalize our name when writing it in text, despite the fact our logo is spelled with a lower case “g”.
Although our domain name is groovehq, we always refer to ourselves simply as Groove.
Our tagline is “Support, Simplified”.

Our logo

Groove’s logo comes in three different forms, and in multiple color variations for any type of usage. While our wordmark with tagline is considered our official logo, please feel free to use whichever best suits your needs. All of our logo variations include our signature happy “g”.

Download Logo Pack

Official Groove logo
Wordmark with tagline
Official logo
Groove wordmark
Groove lettermark

Logo whitespace

When utilizing our logo, please maintain enough breathability around it — no one likes to be cramped. For your convenience, all of the icons in our icon pack come with the whitespace included as padding around the logo.

Minimum whitespace around Groove logo

Our colors

Our primary brand color is aptly named, "Groovey." We use "Ultra Light Dark" as our primary font color. This is the lightest shade of dark we could find without becoming too light, hence the name. On the other end of the spectruc, we have "Bright Super Dark" which is our main accent color.

Ultra light dark
Bright Super dark

Some guidelines

While we are not a stickler for the rules, in good spirit we would like to lay out some do's and don'ts for our brand usage.

  • Use whichever version of our logo works for you.
  • Be awesome.
  • Post our tagline on its own.
  • Recreate our logos using unofficial colors.

If you are uncertain about any usage, or just in the mood to chat about design — feel free to reach us by email on the following address:

Legal fine print

Groove’s brand assets are proprietary and protected under intellectual property laws. Please do not alter our brand assets in any way or use them to imply a partnership with or endorsement from Groove - unless one has been legally agreed upon in writing.