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How teams are using Groove to elevate their customer
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“Implementing Groove required ZERO training for our team. Within minutes we were all just working and grooving.”
CHRIS LECKIE, Product Design Director
Company Lolly Labs
Industry Software and Consulting
Headquarters Meridian, Idaho
Groove users 3
How Groove helps Lolly Labs get smiles from customers
Lolly Labs is a small consulting and software development startup best known for Lolly Law Immigration Case Management and Client Bridge. Their mission is to help businesses make better decisions through data. People survive and thrive based on how quickly they can gather actionable insights from information and numbers at hand. Making gut decisions leaves them either lucky or wrong. Lolly Labs makes sure that their customers can leverage their data to provide insights and automation.
“Our team estimated that by using Groove we save eighty hours per month”
CHRIS SEES, CEO and Co-Founder @ The Hoxton Mix
Company The Hoxton Mix
Industry Commercial Real Estate
Headquarters London
Employees 14
Groove users 9
Improving efficiency and reducing time with Groove’s knowledge base and auto-responses
Whether you’re an international or a UK business, having a prime London address to represent your company is a great way for a small business to improve credibility. However, office space in central London is extremely expensive.
“Groove gives us all the features we need to give awesome customer support.”
ALLAN BRANCH, Co-founder at Less Accounting
Company Less Accounting
Industry Software / Finance
Headquarters Plano, Texas
Employees 37
Groove users 2
How Less Accounting is keeping that personal touch customers love using Groove
Founded in 2006 by Allan Branch, Less Accounting is a provider of a simple small business-accounting software that allows clients to easily track online invoices. The company consists of accountants, bookkeepers, technologists, customer delight agents, tax and payroll specialists.
“With Groove we didn’t have to choose between simplicity and functionality.”
CHRIS SPILKA, CEO and Co-Founder of Handsoncode
Company Handsontable
Industry Software Development
Headquarters Gdynia, Poland
Employees 14
Groove users 5
How Groove helped Handsontable manage a 1500-customers boom
Handsoncode is a software development company best known for their popular JavaScript data grid component called Handsontable. Their mission is to help developers by providing a scalable and reliable development tools for applications across any type of device.
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