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Check out our public roadmap to see our latest product releases and enhancements, and get a sneak peek at the exciting new features that are coming soon!

Inbox search filter

You can now filter searches by inbox alongside the current filters helping limit and exclude irrelevant conversations from your results.

Eric Stein
Eric SteinHead of Customer Success
New firing triggers for Rules

Choose from 20+ firing triggers including state changes, team activity, and tags to automate more and do less.

Alex Turnbull
Alex TurnbullCEO & Founder
“Waiting longest” sort option

Now you can filter conversations by who has been waiting longest to hear from you, not just by oldest/newest.

Alex Turnbull
Alex TurnbullCEO & Founder
Add actions to Instant Replies

You can now add/remove tags, change status, snooze, or assign conversations each time an Instant Reply is used.

Nick McCreath
Nick McCreathCo-founder
Instant Reply preview & new “Recently used” category

Instant previews of your Instant Reply, and a new “recently used” category.

Nick McCreath
Nick McCreathCo-founder
Reply editor enhancements

A cleaner interface that lets you see more, do less, and deliver resolutions quicker than ever.

Alex Turnbull
Alex TurnbullCEO & Founder
Mobile app improvements

Improved user experience, insert images, and a host of bug fixes make the mobile app better than ever.

Alex Turnbull
Alex TurnbullCEO & Founder
AI Conversation Summary

Create a one click summary of the conversation as a Note in your account

Expand text with Chat GPT

Expand a few lines of text to a whole reply in your conversation.

Change Tone of replies with AI

Change the tone of your reply to be more formal or casual with one click.

Contact handling improvements

An updated interface to easily change and update contact details

Contact overview interface

A brand new overview to view and manage all contacts in your Groove account

Satisfaction Ratings per mailbox

Now you can enable Satisfaction ratings on a per mailbox basis

Tag & Instant Reply mailbox scoping

Create Tags & Instant Replies accessible only in certain mailboxes

Live chat for Mobile

Keep your live chat conversations going while on the move!

Reporting improvements

We currently investigating new and exciting reporting features for your account

Search improvements

We looking at all the possible ways to improve your search experience

Whatsapp integration

We exploring adding Whatsapp as a channel for your business

SMS Integration

Investigating the ability to send and receive SMS messages right in Groove

Phone integration

Log and take calls right from your Groove account, linked to your customers

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We currently finalizing our Q2 ’23 backlog! If you have something you’d love to see, please let us know!

Oh, We’ll announce the final upcoming items first week of April to Groove customers by email 📨