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A deep dive into the metrics behind your conversations

  • Conversations
  • Productivity
  • Happiness
  • Company

Quickly understand your team's workload and identify trends

Key Metrics
  • Conversations and resolutions per day
  • Total number of customers helped
  • Trend insights with the tags reports
  • Team leaderboard

See what your team is doing great and where they could use some help

Key Metrics
  • First reply resolution rate
  • Average first response time
  • Average resolution time
  • Average replies to resolution

A deep dive into customer sentiment

Key Metrics
  • Overall happiness score
  • % of customers that left a rating
  • See what conversations generated positive, neutral, and negative ratings

A high-level look at agent and team performance

Key Metrics
  • Sortable team leaderboard
  • Total conversations
  • Total resolutions
  • Happiness rate
Conversations | Groove Help Desk Reports
Conversations | Groove Help Desk Reports
Productivity | Groove Help Desk Reports
Happiness | Groove Help Desk Reports
Company | Groove Help Desk Reports
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“We’re having weekly contests to see who can get the best customer satisfaction ratings”

Todd Garland, CEO BuySellAds
Knowledge base

The data you need to build a best-in-class knowledge base

Gain valuable insights, helping your to continuously improve your knowledge base and lower common queries

  • Overview

    A quick look at how your knowledge base is performing

  • Article performance

    Identify your most popular articles by pageviews and rating

  • Search report

    See what your customers are looking for and if they're able to find it

  • Article suggestions
    Coming Soon

    Our AI-driven system suggests the best articles to create to give customers the help they need

Overview | Groove Knowledge Base Reports
Overview | Groove Knowledge Base Reports
Article Suggestions | Groove Knowledge Base Reports
Search Report | Groove Knowledge Base Reports
Article Performance | Groove Knowledge Base Reports
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We've included even more easy to use features to make sure you have everything you need to build and manage a high‑performing team

Business hours

Allows you to see how your team performs during the hours they're actually working

Custom dates

See your reports over different time periods with our calendar control.

Timezone configuration

Set your timezone to ensure that metrics are tracked correctly

Custom views
Coming Soon

Take control with your own custom reporting views to see only the data that matters to you

Data export
Coming Soon

One click data export to XLS & CSV for all your spreadsheet needs

Printable reports
Coming Soon

Beautifully formatted printable views of all your reports.

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