Features Email Integration

Manage support emails from your inbox

Groove turns Gmail, Outlook, or any other email software into your team’s customer service help desk.


Deliver awesome customer service via email

Groove works with Gmail, Outlook and every other email provider

Looks just like email. Groove looks and feels exactly like email to your customers. They'll never know you're using a help desk. Like-email

Feels more personal. Your customers will never have to go through a login portal or find a ticket number to get help. It’s as simple as email. More-personal

I love that it doesn’t really matter where I am or whether I have access to Groove or not; I can still respond to tickets from my email.

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Update tickets from email. Respond to a ticket, change its status, assign it to a teammate or group, or leave a private note, right from your email. It’ll update automatically online in Groove. Email-update-tickets

Forward any email to Groove. Did a customer send a question to your personal email? Forward it to Groove to instantly create a ticket, and manage all of your support requests in the same system. Email-forward-anything