Replay Poker and Groove

Replay Poker’s distributed team manages customer service with Groove

Replay Poker is an online poker site whose users have played more than 60 million hands since the company got its start in 2005.

The company is adding 600 users to its platform each day, and gets a large number of support emails as a result.

To add to the challenge, Replay’s support team, led by Greg Huber, is distributed throughout the world, making collaboration more complicated than being in the same room.

The team uses Groove to make tackling these challenges — and more — a breeze.

“We signed up for a free trial, but we knew right away that Groove was exactly what we needed. We upgraded to a paid account the same day.”

The Replay team uses internal notes to pass information back and forth, and ticket assignments to ensure that everyone knows which emails they’re in charge of.

Screenshot of internal notes in Groove

They also use Groove’s integration with HipChat — a team chat tool loved by many distributed teams — to keep everyone on the same page.

“With the HipChat integration, I don’t need to be logged in to Groove to see when new tickets come in. That’s huge for us, because if an urgent issue comes up during a game or tournament, we need to know about it right away.”

HipChat desktop notification

“We’re growing fast, and we’re not planning to slow down. Groove makes that a whole lot easier on our support team.”

Greg Huber,
Replay Poker
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