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NAPA reduced their customer service costs by 80% with Groove.

The North American Poolshooters Association (NAPA) lets anyone start a pool league in their own town. The organization, founded by Tony Heinz in 2010, signed up 1,100 players in their first year. Today, they support more than 31,000.

That explosive growth hasn’t come without challenges.

“For the first two years,” explains Tony, “we managed everything through email. It was a mess trying to keep track of everything.”

Finally, in 2012, Tony and his team decided to build an in-house solution.

“We spent a week customizing a self-hosted help desk, and we were able to use that for about a year.”

Unfortunately, their help desk couldn’t scale as fast as NAPA.

“We were adding more than 1,000 players per month, and our servers were getting overloaded. Between the help desk and the player data, it was just too much for them to handle.”

Soon, NAPA switched to an online “enterprise” helpdesk, but that, too, didn’t work for the team. Eventually, they switched to Groove.

“We spent weeks digging for a better solution, and the minute we signed up and logged into Groove, we knew this was it. It was such a relief.”

Not only did Groove help NAPA deliver support faster and more efficiently, but the company’s support costs have come down dramatically.

“At one point, we had five people running support. With Groove, we’re down to just two people. Along with the lower fees, we’re now spending 20% of what we used to spend before on customer service.”

NAPA’s growth hasn’t slowed, and neither has their love of Groove.


“We’re now processing 6,900 matches a week, and that’s being done by one person through Groove.”

Tony Heinz,
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