MetaLab and Groove

MetaLab uses Groove to manage email as a team.

MetaLab is a product agency behind SaaS apps like Flow, Ballpark, Peak. They’ve also designed interfaces for big names that include Slack, Brit + Co and TED Connect.

How to keep up with email for every app?

With multiple products, the MetaLab team needed a help desk that let them seamlessly switch between mailboxes to respond to emails, while giving them tools to make collaboration easier.

Making the switch to Groove.

Switching to Groove, Luke and his team were able to set up four separate mailboxes in just a few minutes.

Shared email inbox

A shared inbox for MetaLab’s team.

With a team supporting customers in different products and departments, MetaLab needs to be able to get support emails to the right people.

Now, when they get an email, they can easily assign it to any team member or group with two clicks.

Assign emails

Luke and his coworkers can always see who’s working on what, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Recent activity

Collision detection helps MetaLab prevent two team members from responding to the same ticket by accident.

No duplicate emails

The team leaves internal notes on tickets to help each other. They also use these to train new hires.

Leave internal notes on emails

Their Knowledge Base lets MetaLab's customers get 24/7 support.

Metalab's knowledge base

And reporting shows the MetaLab team metrics like average reply time and average ticket handle time for each agent, making it easy to set goals and help the team improve.

Email reports

MetaLab: working together seamlessly with Groove.

As MetaLab adds new apps and continues to take over the world, Groove will keep making it efficient for them to manage their emails from customers.

Luke says that Groove “is bar-none the easiest help desk our team has used.”

According to Todd, “literally anyone can start using Groove in a few minutes. It’s perfect for our growing team.”

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