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A live chat widget for realtime customer support.

We’ve partnered with Olark to deliver the best live support tool for your website, embedded right inside your Groove widget.

Olark chat in Groove widget

Add live chat to your help desk system.

Delivering real-time customer service has never been easier.

Be easy to talk to. Your customers want to talk to you. Embed live chat into your Groove widget to make it easy for your customers to reach you in real-time.

Increase retention. Research suggests that 1 in 26 customers don’t speak up about issues; they simply leave. Live support lets you proactively engage your solution-seeking customers before they turn into former customers.

Decrease support emails. Get fewer support emails by resolving smaller issues with live chat. Less emails for you to deal with, and more time to spend on solving bigger problems.

The chats are amazing. I hear from customers all the time that they were thinking of switching, but that our proactive support solved their problems and made them stay.

Kyle-racki-proposify Kyle Racki

Quick and simple setup for any site.

We’ve build a seamless integration with Olark.

The best chat app out there. We spent a long time testing live chat services in hopes of finding the best tool for our customers. We’re happy to say that we’ve found it in Olark, and more than 10,000 businesses agree.

A deep partnership. Groove and Olark work closely together to create a seamless experience for you. Easily chat from Groove and integrate chat records into your support tickets.

Up and running, fast. Add the Olark plugin to your Groove widget in minutes. You can easily customize colors, branding and languages, and even add custom CSS/HTML if you’d like.