Groove live chat integrations are here!

Groove live chat integrations are here!
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We’ve devoted the last two weeks at Groove to launching two exciting new integrations with the live chat services SnapEngage and Olark.

If you’re already using either of these services for your Live Chat, awesome! You can set up the integration from our Apps page where you see these integration buttons. We’ll generate a webhook for you to link into your chat provider, and you can get step-by-step set-up instructions from our Knowledge Base.

If you’re not using SnapEngage or Olark, you should start! They’re great. Sign up for a free trial of SnapEngage here, and a free trial of Olark here. Once your account is set up, you’ll be ready to integrate Live Chat with Groove.

If you’re still using Groove Live Chat, we’ll discontinue service after September 8th, so make your switch as soon as possible.

Here’s how the integrations will work:

We’ll filter offline messages sent through the Olark or SnapEngage widget right to your ticket queue for immediate response, and send completed chat transcripts to your closed folder for your records. You can use Chat as a channel to filter your transcripts into an easy access folder, or use Rules to automate follow-up emails to your chat conversations.

The biggest changes from Groove Chat you’ll notice is that you’ll be chatting in the Olark or SnapEngage UI. That’s actually a good thing since they both offer beautiful and elegant user interfaces jam packed with useful information on each and every customer.

Olark UI:

SnapEngage UI:

You’ll also be using the Olark or SnapEngage widget. No worries, offline chat messages sent through the Olark and Snapengage widgets will still filter into your Groove ticket queue just like Groove widget messages, and both of their widgets are completely customizable to match your branding.

In addition to Live Chat integrations, we also dedicated some time last week to tightening up the Groove Apps general performance. We reduced one of the most taxing queries on our database: delayed jobs. Delayed jobs are basically all the tasks queued up, waiting to execute. Reducing delayed jobs has improved performance overall, especially during times of heavy load.

Stay tuned, more exciting developments are underway!

Lesley Yarbrough
Lesley Yarbrough Lesley is the head of support at Groove. Her specialties include troubleshooting bugs, tracking trends, and finding the perfect GIF for any given occasion.