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With Groove you can manage all your customer support requests in a simple to use platform so you can focus on growing your business.
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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Instant Replies
Instant Replies
Private Comments
Private Comments
Collision Detection
Collision Detection
Customer History
Customer History

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Get 60% Off for 6 Months

So, Why Groove?

Here's The Problem — as your small business grows, relying on your email inbox to manage support gets really tough. It's impossible to work together with your team. You lose track of emails, and your customers' issues start to slip through the cracks.

That’s Where Groove Comes In. Groove is as simple as email, while making it easy to work together with your growing team. Assign support messages to co-workers. Add private notes and see who's replying to what.

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Groove Is The Secret To Your Customer Service Success

It’s the difference between drowning in support emails, or answering 50% of support requests automatically.

With Groove

Streamlined Communication
Improved Collaboration
Simplified Support Process
Opposite of Frustration

Without Groove

No Organization
No Accountability
Confusing Support Process

Do You Like Feeling The Opposite Of Frustration?

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But That’s Not All Groove Does...

Groove Gives You Everything You Need To Streamline Your Customer Online Customer Service

All In One Convenient Spot!
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Your Knowledge Base

Reduce your support volume by 30% and increase customer satisfaction with a 24/7 smart, self-service Knowledge Base. Now with AI.

With the Groove Knowledge Base, you can...
  • Reduce your incoming support volume by 30% so that you can provide an exceptional support experience while reducing overall costs.
  • Fully customizable, the knowledge base builder that anyone can use regardless of computer skills.
  • Make your knowledge base public, restrict visitors, or authorize specific users via our API.
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Your Self-Serve Help Widget

No more sending your customers off-site, waiting for support responses, or getting nowhere with chatbots.

With the Groove Help Widget, you can...
  • Deflect, on average, 23% of support tickets. Leaving your team to focus on the more complex customer questions.
  • Let users decide if they want to search your Knowledge Base, start a chat, or send an email.
  • Present your Knowledge Base as a first stop for customer questions.
Get 60% Off for 6 Months
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Your Insights and Analytics

Stop guessing on how your small business is performing. Report on the data that actually shows you how you’re doing.

With the Groove Insights and Analytics, you can...
  • Tap into your team’s top questions, volume, busiest hours, and more.
  • Get insights to fix things faster and tie performance back to company goals.
  • Report on the important parts, like response times, handle times, and wait times.
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Your Live Chat

Real-time 1-1 interactions with customers on any page of your website or app.

With the Groove Live Chat, you can...
  • Engage your customers, answer questions, and gather feedback in real-time.
  • Automatically send a suggestion or special offer at the perfect moment.
  • Let customers leave a message, and follow up via email.
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Groove Gives You Everything You Need To Streamline Customer Service Online

Simple, powerful, personal!

Customer History
Customer History

See the full support history of every customer at a glance, without having to search.


By assigning conversations to specific teammates, it’s always clear who is responsible for what.


Know where every conversation stands by marking it as Open, Snoozed or Closed.


Stay on top of the most important online customer support metrics.

Private Comments
Private Comments

Collaborate behind the scenes with comments that only you and your team can see.

Collision Detection
Collision Detection

Easily see if a teammate is already replying to a conversation to avoid embarrassing double replies.

25+ Integrations
25+ Integrations

Integrate with the tools your team knows and loves like Slack, Zapier, and many more.

Instant Replies
Instant Replies

Keep answers to common questions at your fingertips to easily insert them into conversations.

Rules & Automation
Rules & Automation

Speed up your workflow by using rules to automatically route new conversations.

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Frequently asked questions

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Try the Groove Knowledge Base or .
A Shared Inbox is a specially designed Inbox that allows multiple team members to seamlessly manage email that comes in to one Inbox.

This is amazing for support and sales teams that need to all manage incoming conversations, and Groove comes with some very specific features to handle multiple users, such as:

  • Powerful collaboration: Private internal notes, @mentions and collision detection which stops team members from working on the same conversation.
  • Fast and powerful: Conversation states, Instant Replies, and tagging make managing conversations a breeze.
  • Automations: Groove includes a powerful Rule engine that allows you to automate actions based on conditions you set.
  • Conversation history: Easily see the full audit trail on a conversation of who has worked on it and what has happened on it.
  • Team management: Easily manage access to each user with their own login to the Inbox and grant permissions for what they can and can’t access.
  • Reporting: Easily track the performance of your team members and the team as a whole, with deep reporting.
Extremely secure. Each year we go through stringent security & compliance audits to meet the necessary requirements to host your emails from Google and other partners to ensure your data meets all highest security standards.
Gmail is built for one specific individual accessing their email, and has no team focused features. With Groove, you get to benefit from powerful collaboration features like private notes, @mentions and collision detection which stops team members from working on the same conversation.

In addition, we have a bunch of handy features like conversation states that and powerful tools like instant replies to use to answer similar incoming questions with just a few clicks - best of all, this includes a full audit trail to see who has worked on what with full history for that customer.
A Shared Inbox that includes a host of features built to optimise team collaboration and team efficiency can save your team hours in a week.

Once team members are up and running, the workload of incoming conversations is easily split between team members with no time lost on team members working on the same things.

Best of all, with Groove includes a host of features that increase the team productivity (instant replies, rules and workflows, etc...) which saves teams huge amounts of time.
Yes! We have a powerful, customizable Knowledge Base!
Yes! We have native apps for both iOS and Android that include all the powerful features that you have on the web based version.
When you sign up, our onboarding workflow assists you in getting your mailbox setup and inviting team members which takes just a minute or two (it’s only a few clicks).

If you do need any help in the setup, or want to chat to someone to make sure your account is setup correctly our support team is available Mon-Fri and are more than happy to help!
Yes! You Can Easily add Live Chat to your website or app with our customizable widget. With our Live Chat, you get all the powerful features of the Shared Inbox, with a few specific features for Live Chat (like round robin and bots!).
Yes, we have a completely customizable website widget that includes:
  • A easy contact form which funnels conversations to your Shared Inbox.
  • Direct access to your Knowledge Base on every page of your site.
  • Live Chat if you want customers to have direct access to your team.