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reasons why Groove is the best help desk solution for growing businesses.


A powerful shared inbox that feels just like email.

Groove’s intuitive shared inbox makes it easy for team members to organize, prioritize and solve customer requests - all in a familiar interface.

  • Conversation assignments so it’s clear who owns what.
  • Collision detection to stop embarrasing double replies.
  • Private internal notes for team members to collaborate.
  • @mentions & notifications to keep the team in the loop.
live chat

Live chat for personal, realtime support.

Instill confidence in your customers by offering instant help on any page of your website or app - with all the powerful features of the Inbox.

  • Round Robin assignment to spread the workload.
  • Unattended message logic to never leave a chat hanging.
  • Email continuation for when customers drop offline.
  • Alerts & notifications to make sure you never miss a chat.
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Deliver 24/7 support with a Knowledge Base.

Watch support requests dwindle as your customers help themselves - lowering customer queries by up to 43%

  • Full team access so everyone can contribute to articles.
  • Mobile optimized for easy accessibility on all devices.
  • Complete brand control ensuring your brand looks great.
  • Embeddable widget so your Knowledge base is accessible on every page of your website or app.
knowledge base

Know exactly what’s going on with insightful reports.

Easy-to-understand reports that help you stay on top of the most important online customer support metrics.

  • Performance metrics to see how the team is performing.
  • Conversation insights to understand your customers.
  • Knowledge base reports to see how your FAQ is doing.
  • Satisfaction insights to see customer sentiment.
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Bring all your tools together to provide amazing support.

Tab switching is a thing of the past!
Groove’s native integrations allow you interact with your favorite tools all in the same interface making you and your team hyper productive.

    g2 star tag

    Here’s what some of our recent customers have had to say

    Our team handles 4-5k emails monthly. Using different inboxes for every region and agent assignments, we can now handle all the emails without a mess.

    Alex B.

    Alex B.Head of Customer Success

    We used Zendesk for over 6 months, and felt like we were stuck in mud. Groove feels more natural and our team has never been more productive!

    Anna Pilartz

    Anna PilartzFounder,

    I've tried Zendesk and Zoho. Groove was simplest and most price effective for a small team that multi tasks. It’s been a life saver!

    Lorelei B.

    Lorelei B.Partner, Erasmus Fox

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