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New Reports in Beta, and our
New Tickets get a Makeover!

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The last few months we’ve been hard at work developing some very high demand features for our customers, and we’re pleased to announce that the fruits of our labor are finally sweet and ripe to enjoy.

We’re releasing a sneak peek of one of our largest new features in beta to all of our customer accounts. Don’t worry, all Groove accounts won’t be in beta. We’ll just be letting everyone test out Reports in production before we make our final tweaks. We also have a sleek New Ticket UI live on production right now, equipped with many highly requested enhancements.

Groove Reports in Beta: The wait is finally over! We’re very excited to announce that our new Reports are now in beta for public testing.

New Reports preview

Reports offers in-depth metrics on agent response and handling time, customer satisfaction ratings, most used labels, and most popular common replies for each Mailbox you have in your Groove Account.

Detailed metrics breakdown

Each metric is not only filterable by Mailbox in Groove, but we now offer over twice as many timeframes as our original dashboard to monitor your team’s performance.

Twice as many timeframes

Measure how successfully your Knowledge Base Articles cut down support requests for your team with Self Help Success, a tracker that measures the percentage of customers who send (or don’t send) a support email after viewing a Knowledge Base article.

Self Help Success metric

You can use our new Knowledge Base Analytics like most viewed articles, most common customer search terms and article usefulness (lets your customers vote on the usefulness of your Knowledge Base articles).

Knowledge Base Analytics

New Ticket UI Enhancements: We’ve completely rebuilt our New Ticket form! We’ve given New Tickets their very own page with a sleek, classy new interface. They’re cleaner, easier to navigate, and you’ll notice a shift in the UI between sending emails and logging phone calls to help avoid message mishaps.

New Ticket UI

Common Replies for New Tickets now reflect the same level of ease and organization as common replies in your ticket replies. Instead of a clunky, all-reply-inclusive dropdown list, just click Insert Message to search and view your common reply categories. You can create a New Ticket category to make your New Ticket common replies even easier to find. Common Replies also no longer auto-fill the subject for New Tickets, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally sending common reply titles as subjects to your customers!

The default Mailbox automatically sets to the last Mailbox viewed in Groove, so you no longer have to keep manually switching your sending Mailbox if you’re not working out of the first Mailbox on the account.

And, probably the most requested development for the New Ticket form, you can now add a CC or BCC to New Tickets making major communications to your customers 100 times easier to accomplish through Groove.

The war on parsing continues...

While getting Groove Reports in beta is the flashiest accomplishment we’ve made since our last report, we’ve continued to work on improving your overall Groove experience by fighting off parsing issues. A few posts back, we addressed some of our more notable improvements in the battle against email parsing issues, and announced our intentions to squash whatever remaining parsing bugs we could find with some help from you. And your help paid off.

We’ve now identified the majority of remaining parsing issues stemming from Microsoft Outlook are in relation to emails sent specifically from Microsoft Word. To combat the rest of these parsing fringe cases, we built a custom parser for Microsoft. There’s still plenty of work to be done on completely eliminating parsing issues with the goal to improve overall email readability, but now there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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