Mobile Enhancements and Polish

Mobile Enhancements and Polish

Using Groove on the go with improved search functionality, real-time updating, and a spiffed-up user interface.

What’s better than using Groove on the go?

Using Groove on the go with improved search functionality, real-time updating, and a spiffed-up user interface.

Here are this week’s enhancements:

New Features

Creating a New Ticket

Now, in addition to replying to tickets, you can now start new tickets on the go. Proactively reaching out to your customers is now just a click away on your phone.

Clean Slate

Ever feel like a ticket has gone on for too long? Well now you send a reply without quoting three months of history. Whoo, shorter emails!

Performance Enhancements

Search Improvements

We know you’re busy, and we continue to work on making all parts of the app as fast as possible. Searching tickets, labels, contacts, and canned replies have all been given a speed boost so you can easily find what you need and then get back to helping your customers.

See Updates in Realtime

Previously, any actions on the mobile app had to be processed by the server before you saw them update in app, but with this latest release your actions are rendered immediately. Now you can see ticket updates as they happen, making working on the go even speedier.

UI Polish

Who said that?

We’ve made it easier than ever to know exactly who said what when you’re scanning a list of tickets. Now, all notes and replies from your teammates will include their name before before the comment. Even better, notes are highlighted in the yellow that you’re used to, so you can pick them out from the crowd.

Re-focusing the Reply Editor

Losing your place can be frustrating, especially on mobile, so we’ve made it easier to re-focus your cursor in the reply editor. This means that when you’re replying to a ticket, the reply editor will stay focused if you do things like change the assignee, change the recipients, expand the ticket thread, or insert a canned reply.

Quicker Assigning and Cc/Bcc on Ticket Replies

Every second and every tap counts. Now you will find yourself at the top of the list when assigning tickets, saving you the hassle of scrolling through a list of agents when you just need to grab a ticket from the queue.

You will also find that you can easily search and add contacts as Cc or Bcc recipients when replying to a ticket. Because who wants to type out (or even remember) full email addresses.

Consolidated Ticket History

Screen space is limited on a mobile device, and our goal is to declutter your ticket view while still maintaining important information about the history of the ticket. This update consolidates back-to-back ticket actions and multiple snoozes, so you can see what happened and when, but without all the scrolling.

These updates are a direct result of the feedback we’ve received from amazing customers like yourself. If there is anything you’d like to tell us, about the mobile app or anything else, we’d love to hear from you!

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