Snooze Folders and Star Priorities

snooze folders and star priorities
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While our team is chipping away at some of the bigger projects on our roadmap, we’ve also pushed out a couple smaller things that we think you’ll appreciate.

Snooze Folders

Remember that Snooze feature we released last month? One of the first things people asked for was a folder where they could see their snoozed tickets. Well now you can do just that.

To create your Snooze folder you’ll need to add a new folder under Settings > Folders.

Select “Snooze state” for your folder condition and then select whether you want to show snoozed tickets for Anyone (all agents on your team), Current User (just yours), or individual agents.

Then save your folder and you’re good to go!

Ticket Priorities Get the Star Treatment

At Groove we strive to keep things simple. With this in mind we decided to take a look at our ticket priorities and ask ourselves:

  • “What the heck does ‘medium’ priority even mean?”
  • “What’s the difference between ‘high’ and ‘urgent’ priority?”

Our conclusion: either a ticket is a priority, or it’s not. Simple.

We’ve also done away with the flags and priority is now represented by a star on both the ticket page and the ticket list view.

Any further levels of prioritization can be similarly achieved using a combination of labels and folders.

What happens to your existing priorities?

Not to worry. Anything marked medium or higher priority will show up as a star and existing rules and folders will continue to work. Anything starred manually will only show up in folders set to pull in urgent tickets.

We will eventually remove the old legacy priority options, so it’s probably a good idea to review any rules or folders and update to the new “Starred” conditions and actions.

If you have any feedback on these latest updates, please shoot us a message at support [at] We’d love to hear from you!

Lesley Yarbrough
Lesley Yarbrough Lesley is the head of support at Groove. Her specialties include troubleshooting bugs, tracking trends, and finding the perfect GIF for any given occasion.