Improving Groove Search and a Database Upgrade

Improving Groove Search and, a Database Upgrade

Based on customer demand, we’ve devoted our energy to improving our search functionality and increasing our database size

We’re excited to report on some major projects we’ve dedicated our efforts to the past few weeks finally coming to fruition.

Based on customer demand on some very valid woes, we’ve devoted our energy to improving our search functionality and increasing our database size.

Search Enhancements

We’ve transitioned to a new search engine for Groove: ElasticSearch. The chief difference between ElasticSearch and our former search engine is the ability to make changes and adaptations to the search results based on real time updates. It also provides for a better user experience in search overall. You’ll notice a faster, more accurate search, and wildcard matching so partial words and phrases will show in your results.

We’ve also expanded our search capabilities. Groove search previously had some limitations on what kinds of tickets it pulled up in the search results. New Tickets, Tweets, and Facebook Posts failed to appear, even when searching an exact content match. With our new search enhancements, you’ll be able to search by content for all channels, plus new tickets by email address, Tweets by Twitter Handle, and Facebook posts by Facebook name.

The visibility of ticket status from within the search has also received a tiny UI tweak. Prior searches would unify the appearance of new, unread tickets and read tickets. Like in the inbox, new tickets now appear in the search results as light blue.

Database Upgrade

Last Saturday we gave our database a makeover, increasing it’s size and processing power. You should have noticed a much faster Groove this week, even during peak periods. As you can see from the chart below, all transactions after the database upgrade on July 26th (red line) occur under 100ms.

We’re excited about these updates, and we know many of you will be, too!

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