Product Update: New and Improved Shopify Integration

Supercharge your workflow with our updated Shopify integration.

We’re excited to announce our updated Shopify integration for the Groove Inbox!

Just like the existing integration, you can view Shopify contact information directly in the sidebar, along with the customer’s recent orders. However, this new version extends those features to make it much more powerful.

Here’s what’s new:

View a customer’s Shopify timeline

On top of the standard customer information, you can now also view the most recent events from their timeline. See their activity at a glance as you’re communicating with them to make interactions more meaningful.

Create new orders from the Inbox

Create a new order for your customer without having to leave Groove. You can search for products to add, add a custom item, set discount and shipping options, and then decide how you want the order to be created (e.g. marking it as paid or sending the invoice over to the customer).

Refund, cancel, or duplicate orders

By clicking into any of the listed recent orders, you can see further details and even perform actions on them. Do you want to cancel, duplicate, or refund an order? You can now do so right from the Groove Inbox.

Ready to supercharge your workflows?

If you’re using Shopify for your e-commerce store, this updated integration will supercharge your workflows and help your team provide even better quality support.

Migrating to the new version needs to be done manually, but it’s a quick and much-improved process compared to our existing integration. For more information on migrating see our support article Upgrading the Shopify Integration, or see the Shopify Integration article for a more in-depth view of all the new functionality.

Note: The legacy Shopify integration will continue to work until March 31, 2022 after which it will be discontinued.

If there’s anything else you’d like to see, don’t hesitate to let us know over at!

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