Product Update: New UI and Upcoming Launches

Product Update: New UI and Upcoming Launches

Groove’s new UI includes a clean interface, improved readability, and new brand colors.

Big things are underway here at Groove.

We’re starting with some small cosmetic changes and building up to a few very exciting weeks of new improvements, features, and products for you and your team!

What’s new

Clean, new interface

When you log in to your Groove account, you’ll be greeted with a tidied-up interface along with some minor cosmetic changes.

We improved our color palette and made some improvements to the font sizes to help with readability. It should be a bit easier on the eyes throughout the Inbox and other apps.

The old teal color is gone and replaced with our new brand color—Groovy blue.

Menus got a facelift. Now, when switching between the different applications everything will look nice and consistent.

We also optimized the sizing and layout in the email list, along with adding containers to your email messages. This will help you digest the content of your conversations better.

The most exciting part of all this work is actually happening behind the scenes. We established a design system internally for all this, which means building new features will be far quicker in the future!

What’s next

The following launches are on the very near horizon and will be available on all Groove accounts in the coming weeks:

  • New right-hand contact panel in your Inbox with custom fields
  • New iOS mobile app
  • Live chat right in the Groove widget
  • New Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram channels
  • New and improved settings screens
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