The New Groove Widget Is Here!

The New Groove Widget Is Here!

The Groove Widget is a handy help icon that sits on your website. It gives your users direct access to contact you and easily browse your knowledge base.

We’re excited to announce the official launch of our brand new widget. 🎉

The Groove Widget is a handy little help icon that sits on your website or application. It gives website visitors direct access to contact you and easily browse your knowledge base.

It is available to all Groove customers on any plan, free of charge.

What’s new with the Groove Widget?

We decided to build the new Groove Widget from the ground up, taking in all the great feedback from our legacy widget users (thank you!) over the last few years.

1. New design options

First, the new widget looks great with a clean modern feel. We’ve also added a host of customization options to ensure the widget matches your brand, including color and logo options.

2. Add your knowledge base

Second, you can now include your knowledge base directly in the widget, giving users the ability to find answers before reaching out to you.

When a visitor starts typing out their subject line, the widget can automatically recommend knowledge base articles.

3. Customizable fields

Third, the contact form includes a bunch of new fields that you can configure for new contact requests, such as name, subject, etc.

We’ve also included a custom question feature—which has been one of our customers’ biggest requests. This lets you create a new custom question field which is shown on your contact form for visitors to answer.

Then, it will be included within the final message to you.

Early tests show a 33% reduction in support requests

We’ve seen around a 33% reduction in support requests when customers make use of the new widget with both the contact form and knowledge base enabled!

Most importantly, the new widget will be a prerequisite for the new Live Chat product, which is currently in development.

How to use the new Groove Widget

The new Groove Widget is available free of charge to all our customers, regardless of plan.

If you have not installed our legacy widget, you can follow the getting started guide here. For users of our existing legacy widget, you can follow the migration guide available here.


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