Android Notifications, Mobile Fixes, and What’s Next

Android Notifications, Mobile Fixes, and What’s Next

This week, we have an update that Android users are going to love, some bug fixes, and a preview of some VERY big news that's coming soon

This week, we have an update that Android users are going to love, some bug fixes, and a preview of some VERY big news that’s coming soon (scroll down to the bottom for the juicy teaser).

New Mobile Features

Android Notifications

Oh my yes. For those of you using Android devices, we have some really good news for you — mobile notifications have become a reality! They can be enabled in the mobile web app and once turned on they replace the email notifications that you have checked in your Groove account settings on desktop.

Sorry iOS users, you’re going to have to wait a little bit longer for a native app to get your mobile notifications (or when they have proper support for web standards).

Delete Option on Ticket Page

Need to delete the ticket that you’re currently looking at? Now you can! Just tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and select the delete option.

Swipe to Remove Draft

When viewing the list of tickets in your “My Drafts” folder, you can swipe left on a ticket to discard the draft and remove it from this folder.

Mobile Fixes & Polish

Because every detail counts.

Bugs Squashed:

  • Tickets not being removed from lists after merging
  • Sending a new ticket to a new contact not working
  • Scrolling down to merged ticket after merge is completed
  • Errors when bulk deleting tickets
  • Moving tickets to a mailbox not working
  • Issues with “My Drafts” folder counts

Bits Polished:

  • Merging — faster searching, maintain order of merged tickets, CSS tweaks
  • Swipe actions — smoother actions, cleaned up design when unassigning tickets
  • Snappier updates after updating tickets on folders
  • Search-specific enter key based on device (ahh the little things)

A Taste of Things to Come

We’ve received quite a few questions asking “Why a mobile web app?” While the answer is that we definitely have a strong belief in the web and blah blah blah, we also have a bit of a secret to tell you — it’s because we’ve been working on Groove 2.0 this entire time.

Gasp. We know. You can take a moment, it’s okay.


Well now that we are coming out of beta with the mobile web app, we’ve been doubling down on the foundation for the desktop version.

This foundation includes things like:

Integration testing — Automated testing in all major mobile and desktop browsers for 2.0. Less manual testing for us means more time to make cool stuff for you. And automation let’s us test every change across the last two versions of every major mobile and desktop browser. 🤓

Enhanced bug tracking — Allows us to debug and squash those suckers faster than ever.

Mobile to desktop conversion — We’re taking our first steps towards making the mobile web app render as a desktop app.

Design — We’re locking down the final design, and it’s so so close, so you’ll want to stay tuned for updates here.

Very exciting times ahead of us and we can’t wait to share more details with you in the coming weeks!

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