Mobile Merging, Swipe Actions, and PieSync Integration

Mobile Merging, Swipe Actions, and PieSync Integration

We’re wrapping up lots of updates to mobile, and we’re getting closer to moving Groove Mobile out of “beta” and into prime time.

We’re wrapping up lots of updates to mobile based on feedback we’ve received in testing, and we’re getting closer to moving Groove Mobile out of “beta” and into prime time.

Can we get a woohoo?! Here are some of the highlights from this week’s mobile release, as well as a new integration that was just added to our collection of third-party apps.

New Mobile Features

Quick Folders for Groups & Labels

In our last update, we added the option to quickly see tickets by state in the left navigation. With this update we’ve also added groups and labels to the left navigation, so now you can access those tickets just as quickly.

Swipe Actions in the Ticket List

Another time-saving feature we’ve added is swipe actions. When you’re in the ticket list, swipe left to quickly close a ticket, or swipe right to enable the bulk action selection.

Merging Tickets

Merging tickets on the go is easy peasy. Just tap the merge option, select the tickets you want to merge, and voila!

Mobile Polish & Bug Fixes

For accounts with only two mailboxes, we’ve added a shortcut for quickly moving tickets between boxes so you have one less tap to deal with. You’re welcome, thumbs.

Speaking of moving between mailboxes, you also have the option to move tickets in bulk to another mailbox. Select your tickets in the ticket list and you’ll see this option in the bulk action menu.

We continue to push out fixes for issues around folder counts. This latest release fixes the counts for folders based on labels, as well as the folder counts after bulk actions.

We inadvertently introduced a permissions hole as we were working on mailboxes, and as a result “all inboxes” on mobile was showing ALL tickets, regardless of permissions. Definitely a big “oops” and we fixed this hole as soon as we were notified about it.

PieSync Integration

Our friends at PieSync have put together a slick integration that allows you to create a 2-way connection between your Groove account and dozens of CRM and email marketing apps, keeping your contacts in sync automatically across both platforms.

Check it out now in your Apps section in Groove.

If you have any feedback you’d like to share with us, please do!

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