Groove in October

Groove in October: Widget v3, Live Chat, CRM Updates, and More!

October was a busy month for the development team here at Groove.

I’m excited to share our progress on several of your most-requested features, including:

  • Widget v3
  • Live chat
  • CRM features
  • Integration updates for GitHub, HubSpot, and Jira

Here’s a look at everything we’ve been working on.


Widget v3In progress

With the recent launch of Groove 2.0, the one feature we didn’t manage to fix up was the Groove widget.

If you’re not familiar with the widget, it adds a “help” button to your site which displays a contact form and/or Knowledge Base when selected as a pop-up on the page.

Taking in the feedback from our existing Widget users, we’re rebuilding it from the ground up to include:

  • A fresh modern look and feel
  • Complete customizability to match your brand
  • The ability to show targeted articles depending on which page your customer is on
  • The ability to create custom questions on the contact form
  • And a lot more.

All this, along with a few new features that will help your customers help themselves and minimize support requests for you and your team!

Most importantly, the new Widget will be the starting point for live chat — which will be a one-click install when released.

Live chatIn progress

Our team is knee-deep in building out our new live chat feature—one of the most requested features here at Groove.

As per our last update, we can’t give too many details at this point, but we can tell you that live chat will be tied together tightly with all our existing products and will be available on all current Groove plans.

We currently don’t have a fixed date for launch, but are aiming to have our beta version out in 2020.

CRMIn progress

While we’ve always offered basic contact editing functionality right in your sidebar, we have recently kicked off a project to deeply extend this.

Over the last two years, CRM features have been one of your biggest requests, and our upcoming changes will answer all of that—and then some.

When its ready, you’ll be able to view and edit all your contacts, assign them to companies, and eventually do specific reporting on them.

Notes no longer threaded under emailsLive

Previously, notes on a conversation were threaded under the last conversation. This caused confusion as they could be “hidden” if past messages were collapsed.

We’ve now made notes act and behave the same as your email threads, giving you context at all times.

Google & Office 365 loginLive

You can log in quickly and easily to your Groove account with one-click sign-in with your Google or Office 365 accounts.

Settings v2In progress

We’ve begun the development overhaul of our Settings pages, which includes a host of usability improvements to existing features—alongside introducing a bunch of new ones.

As the settings span across multiple aspects of Groove, the project will take a few months before going live. We’ll keep you in the loop here on the blog with all updates.



We just launched another very popular integration request, namely HubSpot!

By connecting your account, you can now display a customer’s information right in your sidebar and fully customize what you want to see—including any custom properties you might have.

Pull in anything from contact and company information to recent deals, and create a contact without ever having to leave Groove!


As with our updated Trello integration, we have worked hard on implementing the same improvements to our existing GitHub integration.

You now get a complete overview of any linked issues right in the sidebar, and any action can re-open a ticket!

This enables powerful and fully customizable workflows, such as having your ticket re-opened when the linked issue has been closed, so you know you can update your customer.

Jira (server and cloud)In progress

Continuing our focus on building out our integrations, we have kicked off work on completely new integrations for Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

As one of the most used project management tools, Jira integration has been a popular request, and we are happy to announce we’re expecting to launch this within the next few weeks.

Following our updates to Trello and GitHub, the Jira integration will have the ability to re-open tickets, along with pulling in all relevant information into your sidebar. No more switching back and forth needed!

SalesforceIn progress

After HubSpot, our next focus will be on adding a new integration with Salesforce. It will work similar to HubSpot and will allow you to pull in leads, contacts, accounts, and recent opportunities.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base APILive

One of the most popular feature requests for our Knowledge Base has been exposing our API, and we’re happy to announce we have been working on this and it’s live!

With the Knowledge Base API, you’ll be able to do everything we do on our website, so the possibilities are endless. From creating new articles to updating your Look & feel, and from tweaking your settings to exporting your content—it is all there. We’ve also included it in our documentation.

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