Groove in November: iOS and Android Apps, CRM Progress, API Updates, and More!

Our product teams had another busy month in November with a host of improvements and new features to help you better support your customers.

Our product and engineering teams had another busy month in November with a host of improvements and new features to help you better support your customers, including:

  • iOS and Android apps
  • Widget improvements
  • Live chat
  • CRM
  • Integration updates for Salesforce, Jira Cloud, and Jira Server

While most teams slow down a bit over December with the festive season, our teams here at Groove will be hard at work with some of the biggest projects we’ve undertaken since the relaunch of Groove earlier this year, which you can read all about below.


New widgetIn progress

With the recent launch of Groove 2.0, the one feature we didn’t manage to fix up was the Groove Widget.

If you’re not familiar with the Widget, it adds a “help” button to your site that displays a contact form or Knowledge Base article as a pop-up on the page.

Taking in the feedback from our existing Widget users, we’re rebuilding it from the ground up to include:

  • A fresh modern look and feel
  • Complete customizability to match your brand
  • The ability to show targeted articles depending on which page your customer is on
  • The ability to create custom questions on the contact form
  • And a lot more!

All this, along with a few new features that will help your customers help themselves and minimize support requests for you and your team!

Most importantly, the new Widget will be the starting point for live chat—which will be a one-click install when released.

Live chatIn progress

Our team is still knee-deep in building out our new live chat feature—one of the most requested features here at Groove.

As per our last update, we can’t give too many details at this point, but we can tell you that live chat will be tied together tightly with all our existing products and will be available on all current Groove plans.

We currently don’t have a fixed date for launch, but are aiming to have our beta version out soon!

Native iOS and Android applicationsIn progress

Here at Groove, one of our core values is “Be real.” With that in mind, we will be the first to admit that our current mobile app leaves a lot to be desired.

Our design and product teams are wrapping up the final specs for our native mobile apps, and you can expect the first versions of the applications to be coming out early 2020.

APIIn progress

As we’ve recently started on a host of new improvements and products, we decided that it’s best to improve and extend our Inbox API (having recently launched our new Knowledge Base API, too).

This will include great documentation and a new interface so API users can quickly and easily see both examples and expected responses for all our API methods.

Ticket exportLive

Since the start of Groove, some users have requested the ability to export tickets easily so they can use the data for custom reporting or import it into internal tooling for analysis.

In the past, this was only possible via the API. Now, users can download this data from their settings screen in JSON format. For more information, see our comprehensive Knowledge Base article.

CRMIn progress

While we’ve always offered basic contact editing functionality in the sidebar, we have recently kicked off a project to extend this.

Over the last two years, CRM features have been one of your biggest requests, and our upcoming changes will answer all of that—and then some.

When it’s ready, you’ll be able to view and edit all your contacts, assign them to companies, and eventually do specific reporting on them.



We have just launched yet another very popular integration request: Salesforce! After connecting your account, you’ll be able to see leads, contacts, accounts, recent opportunities, and recent tasks, and they’re all fully customizable—including any custom fields you might have. 


Jira CloudLive

Jira integration has been a popular request, and we are happy to announce we have just launched our beta Jira Cloud integration!

The Jira Cloud integration will give you the ability to reopen tickets, along with pulling in all relevant information into your sidebar. No more switching back and forth needed!

And if nothing is found, you can create a new lead straight from the sidebar—without ever having to leave Groove!


Jira ServerIn progress

With all the same functionality as our Jira Cloud integration, our new Jira Server integration will be launching soon for customers that use the self-hosted “Jira Server” version of the tool

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