Friday Q&A: Are NPS surveys the best way to collect customer feedback?

Friday Q&A: Are NPS surveys the best way to collect customer feedback?
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Happy Friday!

This week’s question comes from Vera, who asks:

NPS (net promoter score) has been a game-changer for us.

I wrote about our experiences with it here and here.

It doesn’t just give us incredibly valuable feedback directly from our customers, but it gives us an important benchmark to measure ourselves against each quarter, which is the critical piece missing from most customer feedback approaches.

While it can certainly be painful to have customers give you negative feedback on your product, think about it this way: if you didn’t give them this channel to share their thoughts with you, they’d probably never say a word; instead, they’d simply leave. Getting honest feedback every quarter has helped us build a much stronger product by showing us exactly what we need to be focusing on.

With that said, NPS is far from the only way to collect customer feedback.

In fact, it’s not the only one we use.

We also do a ton of one-on-one customer development (which I’d recommend to every business) and other occasional surveys and campaigns.

Additionally, we collect customer feedback from every single new customer with our very first onboarding email:

There are lots of ways to gather customer feedback. We use and love NPS, as well as other approaches.

But doing it—collecting feedback from your customers—on a regular basis, and then acting on it, is far more important than which approach you choose.

What do you use for customer feedback? Let me know in the comments below.

Alex Turnbull
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