How do you blog when your business has two separate audiences?

How do you blog when your business has two separate audiences?
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This is a great question, because it gets at an interesting challenge: content marketing success comes from writing posts that your audience feels was written just for them. But how can you accomplish that when you’re a two-sided platform and have two totally distinct audiences?

Groove isn’t a platform, but we do have experience publishing for two different audiences.

Our Startup Journey blog speaks very specifically to entrepreneurs and others responsible for growing their business. Our Customer Support Blog targets people responsible for customer service and success. There is some overlap, but not overwhelmingly so; we still see different things working (or not working) depending on the blog. This approach has worked really well for us.

My advice⁠—although again, I’m not exactly in your shoes⁠—would be to split your content that way, with separate blogs for each audience. Separate lists, separate editorial calendars. A personalized, relevant experience for every reader.

If you don’t have the bandwidth for this, then pick the side that’s most valuable to your platform (often one side influences the other more when it comes to signups) and attack that.

Alex Turnbull
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