Friday Q&A: What’s your morning routine?

Friday Q&A: What’s your morning routine?
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Happy Friday!

This week’s question comes from Jason S., who asks:

Groove is a fully distributed team, and I work from my home office, which means that my commute is about 20 feet long.

Most days, things are simple: wake up, shower, have a bowl of cereal, make a cup of coffee and head over to my desk. There’s nothing particularly unique about my morning routine, but I do find that consistency is super important: when things get disrupted (for example, my phone rings and I wake up to an issue that needs me at the computer right away), it sets the tone for the whole day. My productivity and my mood both get worse.

So to that end, my biggest piece of advice is that it regardless of what you do, commit to doing it every single day. Starting your day with a sense of control over my life makes it a lot easier to stay calm and feel like I’m in control when things don’t go as planned later on.

Your turn: what’s your morning routine? Share it in the comments!

Alex Turnbull
Alex Turnbull Alex is the CEO & Founder of Groove. He loves to help other entrepreneurs build startups by sharing his own experiences from the trenches.