How often should you post to your blog?

How often should you post to your blog?
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This week’s question comes from Muhammad J., who asks:

This is a really common challenge⁠—one that we’ve grappled with often ourselves⁠—and the unfortunate answer is that no, there’s no magic number.

But there is a magic framework by which to think about this question.

A few years ago, when we posted once every two-to-three weeks, our open rates were low (averaging around 15%) and our unsubscribe rate was higher (around 3%) than it should’ve been.

When we started posting and emailing weekly, both stats improved significantly; open rates more than tripled to nearly 50%, and unsubscribes are down to under 1%.

Becoming a regular presence in your readers’ lives keeps them engaged and eager to read your content. Being erratic and disappearing from their inboxes for weeks at a time makes your email just another annoyance they didn’t expect.

How often should you post?

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there’s no single best answer here. Derek Halpern says a few times a month is fine. Neil Patel, on the other hand, writes 8 blog posts a week (I’m exhausted just typing that).

But whatever rhythm you find works best for you—and really, the best way to know this is to test what works for your unique audience— make sure your readers get used to hearing from you regularly. They’ll learn to expect your emails and posts, and you’ll get the benefit of having a loyal, engaged audience.

Alex Turnbull
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