Friday Q&A: My Favorite Business Blogs

Friday Q&A: My Favorite Business Blogs
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Every Friday, we’re answering your questions about business, startups, customer success and more.

Happy Friday!

This week’s question comes from Omer Y., who asks:

This is still one of the most common questions I get, even after writing about it last year. My list hasn’t changed much, so here it is below.

I hope you enjoy, and please do share your favorite blogs in the comments so that we can all add to our reading lists.

1) OnStartups

When HubSpot founder Dharmesh Shah shares advice, I listen. This blog holds a special place for me, too, because it was where I published my first ever guest post.

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2) SaaStr

While we’ve been focused on getting to $100K/month, Jason Lemkin, co=founder of EchoSign (acquired by Adobe) is showing SaaS companies how to get to $100 million in ARR. There’s no fluff here at all, and if you want to win in SaaS, I can’t recommend this blog enough.

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3) QuickSprout

KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg co-founder Neil Patel writes more blog posts — on Quick Sprout and all over the web — than just about anyone I know, and there’s always something to learn. My favorite posts share his business experiments that offer a fascinating look at the psychology of marketing and sales.

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4) Copyblogger

Copyblogger’s focus is, not surprisingly, on writing better copy. It’s a topic that’s really important to us at Groove, and we’ve gotten a ton of valuable insights from following these folks.

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5) CopyHackers

This is a team of hardcore copy nuts, and their copywriting tips are both sophisticated and actionable. I share it as a must-read with anyone who asks me for copywriting advice.

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6) ConversionXL

Peep Laja is a conversion optimization guru that gets paid to help companies boost conversions, and I’m frequently amazed at the depth and quality of the content he and his team give away for free. The blog’s tagline, “extra lucrative conversion advice” is spot on.

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7) LessEverything

This is one of the blogs on this list that has really turned on the jets recently, going from not blogging much at all to publishing fantastic, high-value content about growing a small business. Their latest posts find themselves in our team Slack room pretty often.

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8) For Entrepreneurs

David is a VC at Matrix Partners, and his posts are some of the most sophisticated, in-depth looks at the things that are important to startups. They’re rarely short and never light, but I’d have a lot of faith in any entrepreneur who reads this blog from start to finish.

Recommended post: SaaS Metrics 2.0 – A Guide to Measuring and Improving what Matters

9) Vero

A beautifully designed blog about email marketing, Vero’s posts are usually long and packed with tips and hacks. I always learn something new.

Recommended post: 20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails

10) WP Curve

Dan Norris and Alex McClafferty have hustled WP Curve into a rapidly growing startup, and they’re sharing much of what they learn along the way. For obvious reasons, I love seeing other companies bare all on their blogs.

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11) Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers founded CD Baby in 1997, sold it for $22 million and put nearly every penny in a charitable trust. He’s a fascinating entrepreneur, and his posts come from deep within. They’re always a pleasure to read.

Recommended post: The Meaning of Life

12) Zapier

Zapier has built partnerships with nearly 400 companies. If that sounds like a huge challenge, that’s because it is. So it’s not a surprise that their team is super-productive. Coincidentally, their blog also houses some of my favorite productivity content on the web.

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13) Social Triggers

Social Triggers is Derek Halpern’s blog about the psychology of building a business. Derek is a hustler through and through, and always has interesting new studies and research-backed tips to share.

Recommended post: The Perfect Testimonial (use this to boost your sales conversions today)

14) KISSmetrics

One of the first SaaS companies that realized that quality content marketing can have an explosive impact on your business, KISSmetrics was one of our biggest inspirations for this blog and continues to churn out some of the best online marketing content on the web.

Recommended post: How to Use the Psychology of Color to Increase Website Conversions

15) Seth’s Blog

I’m not sure there’s a marketing blogger more legendary than Seth Godin. He’s been blogging every day for years, and the amount of power his posts pack into just a couple of paragraphs (often less) make me realize how much work I have to do to become a more effective writer.

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Joel Gascoigne, co-founder of Buffer, takes a non-traditional approach to growing his business. The Buffer team is distributed, and like we try to do, they practice radical transparency with their readers. Joel’s personal blog is no less transparent, with hard-earned lessons that he’s learned along his journey as an entrepreneur.

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17) Rand’s Blog (Moz)

Rand Fishkin is a co-founder of Moz, and one of the most transparent startup execs on the internet. He shares some fantastic content on marketing, but I especially love — and connect with — his posts on the emotional side of entrepreneurship.

Recommended post: A Long, Ugly Year of Depression That’s Finally Fading

18) OKdork

Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo, and was the first marketer at Mint (along with a stint at Facebook). The guy understands data-driven marketing like few others, and his blog shares lessons from Noah (and an impressive list of guest bloggers) that even experienced marketers will get a ton of value from.

Recommended post: How You Can Create Content That Generates 40,000 Targeted Visitors

19) Harvard Business Review

While sometimes hit or miss, the HBR blog often has some really incredibly articles on entrepreneurship. They’re a more traditional publication and publish a lot (so there’s more to sort through), but the gems make it more than worth it.

Recommended post: How to Spend the Last 10 Minutes of Your Day

20) Andrew Chen

One of the first thought leaders in growth hacking (well before the term turned into the overused cliche it is now), Andrew’s posts are sometimes technical, but always useful.

Recommended post: There’s only a few ways to scale user growth, and here’s the list

21) Tomasz Tunguz

Tom is a VC at Redpoint Ventures, so he’s exposed to a lot more startups than most of us. He publishes often, and I always find his perspective — from the seat of someone who sees thousands of startups a year — helpful.

Recommended post: 9 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

22) Coelevate

This is Brian Balfour’s blog on growth. Brian is an entrepreneur and currently the VP of Growth at HubSpot. His posts are deep and full of great insights from experiences in his job and at his past companies.

Recommended post: Strategize, Test, Measure: The Bullseye Framework

23) Unbounce

Another one of the early SaaS content marketing powerhouses, Unbounce’s content team publishes awesome posts that have taught our team a lot about conversion rate optimization. I also really like their Page Fights landing page teardowns (in collaboration with ConversionXL, another blog on this list).

Recommended post: 22 Brutally Honest Landing Page Critiques

24) Sixteen Ventures

This is the blog of Lincoln Murphy, a customer success and acquisition expert. His content on building better systems for customer success have been very valuable to Groove as we’ve worked to grow.

Recommended post: The Secret to Successful Customer Onboarding

25) Buffer

Every single post on Buffer’s blog is impressive in its richness and research. Courtney, Kevan and the rest of the team work tirelessly to keep the blog ahead of the curve on the latest in social media, and I find myself clicking through to a Buffer post shared by someone on Twitter almost every day.

Recommended post: The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post: The Data on Headlines, Length, Images and More

26) Shopify

While Shopify focuses on eCommerce, I’ve gleaned more than a few insights that can be applied just as well to SaaS marketing, and that we’ve used with great results at Groove.

Recommended post: Referral Marketing 101: 7 Tactics to Launch Your Own Referral Campaign

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