Exciting Updates For Groove

Exciting Updates For Groove

For the last few months, we’ve been working hard to test, redesign and perfect the details in our efforts to make Groove better.

For the last few months, we’ve been working hard to test, redesign and perfect the details in our efforts to make Groove better.

Lots of cool new things to announce:

  • Improved ticket list view
  • Re-designed reply box
  • Better support for canned replies
  • Advanced Search
  • New Groove App: Custom profiles

Improved ticket list view

The ticket list view is one of our most-used features. If you’re like us, then you and your team live in there 🙂

We’ve enhanced the list view to make sure the most useful information is available at a glance. We’ve fixed the height of each ticket to make scrolling through tickets — and seeing more of them on each page — faster and easier.

Now it’s even easier to see who each ticket is assigned to, what the status is and when it was last updated.

Re-designed tickets page

Simple is always better. We stripped down the reply box and kept only the most frequently-used actions in there. Made it easier to see who a ticket is assigned too and the status, increased the size of the ticket page, and added the ability to forward tickets. Now if you ever want to take the conversation outside of Groove, you can!

Better Canned Replies

We get a lot of user feedback that Canned Replies are absolutely irreplaceable — once you start, you never want to go back.

Canned replies are all about saving time, and now they’re even easier to access and faster to insert.

Ever type a response to a customer and think, boy, I’d love to save this to use it again? Now, you don’t have to think twice, you can simply create a new canned reply with a few clicks, without having to leave the ticket you’re working on.

Our most requested feature. With advanced search, you can search for tickets by customer, label, keyword or phrase. Then, narrow down your search results by filtering a specific time period. You can also sort by status, agents or labels to help find the ticket you’re looking for faster. Search terms are highlighted in yellow wherever they appear, making scanning results even easier.

Custom Customer Profiles

Seeing your customers’ profiles and ticket history is helpful, but being able to pull in custom data about them can help you deliver new levels of awesome support. Now, you can get a fuller picture of each customer by adding internal data and links directly into your tickets.

With our new Custom Profile app, you can easily access data from your internal sales app or 3rd party software, right from the ticket view window. To see it in action, check out how small business rock star Allan Branch of Less Accounting uses Custom Profiles:

To learn more about how to setup a custom profile check out our documentation.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Drop as an email at support@groovehq.com or hit us up on Twitter.


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