Your Business WILL Go Through A Crisis. Are You Prepared?

Your Business WILL Go Through A Crisis. Are You Prepared?

Every business runs into bumps in the road. Here’s how to get ready.

Every business runs into bumps in the road. Here’s how to get ready.

There’s a cliche about health insurance, especially here in the US, that it’s something you absolutely need, but hope to never use.

Crisis communication plans are no different. They serve as your company’s handbook for what your team will do if “things go all catawampus,” as my first boss used to say.

You never want bad things to happen to your business, but the reality is that nobody is immune to catastrophe. Any business, on any given day, could be forced to deal with:

  • Server outages
  • Security breaches
  • Negative press
  • Leaked sensitive information

The list goes on, and varies depending on your specific business.

There’s no way around it, any crisis is going to be a massive headache for your team.

But the difference between a massive headache and a disaster that leaves your business limping often comes down to preparation, and ensuring that when the s*** hits the fan, you’re ready to do the right things.

How to Prepare for Any Crisis

Today, I want to share with you a recording of a webinar I hosted with Steve Klein, CEO of Steve and his team specialize in helping businesses communicate with their customers during outages.

Steve Klein
Steve Klein
StatusPage co-founder

In this 37-minute video, Steve shares:

  • How to keep a crisis from becoming a long-term nightmare for your business.
  • An easy-to-follow step-by-step process for creating a crisis plan.
  • How often you should update your customers during a crisis, and how.
  • The biggest mistakes that many businesses make that slow down their crisis recovery, and how to avoid them.

And much, much more.

Every business needs to be prepared for a crisis, so if you don’t have a rock-solid plan in place, you don’t want to miss this one.


Are You Ready?

We don’t usually release webinar recordings on the blog.

But I loved the actionable steps that Steve outlined in this webinar, and I thought that the lessons were simply too valuable to keep under wraps.

So rather than limit it only to the people who attended, I wanted to share the webinar with all of you, because the more prepared you are, the more likely your business will be to come out on the other side of your next crisis secure, intact and possibly even stronger than before.

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