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If you use WooCommerce, then you know your entire life seems to run on plugins. And given that about 4.4 million websites the world over do rely on WooCommerce for their online store, it should come as no surprise that there are lots of plugins to choose from. 

The problem? It gets hard to narrow them down. If you search for “WooCommerce store plugins” because you’re looking for something to help you with post-purchase upsells, then you might run into something that has nothing to do with post-purchase upsells. 

That’s why we’ve decided to zoom in. We’re not just going to look at the best rated WooCommerce plugins for your business. We’re going to ask what makes them different from each other. And we’re going to split them up into categories so you can run some comparisons yourself. Here are what we found to be some of the best WooCommerce plugins for five different purposes:

WooCommerce Plugins for Turning Visitors Into Customers

#1: OptinMonster

Price: $9/month for basic

Features: Page templates and on-site tools for turning your visitors into leads. Includes list segmentation and subscriber recognition.

Summary: Of all the best WooCommerce plugins, OptinMonster deserves special mention. OptinMonster is one of those tools-of-tools where it’s hard to say one thing they do well. Their goal: helping you convert visitors into prospects who stick around. To accomplish that, the suite of features includes “high-converting templates” for new visitors, customer segmentation for enhanced personalization, and connections with top marketing software like MailChimp. Bottom line: if you have a website with a lot of visitors but not a lot of loyal customers, a tool like OptinMonster is what you need for your online store.

#2: Constant Contact for WooCommerce

Price: $20/month for Constant Contact

Features: Unlimited email marketing sends through Constant Contact, hundreds of email templates, tools included for additional customer growth

Summary: Some WooCommerce plugins will only make sense if you’re already using the software underlying them. This is one of them. But Constant Contact is robust enough to give you plenty of reasons to use it, and by integrating it with WooCommerce and your WordPress-based store, you can accomplish a lot. One of the most important features for WooCommerce store owners is unlimited email sends, giving you a flat rate to continue to experiment with how you turn visitors into paying customers via the power of email marketing.

#3: WP Mail SMPT Pro

Price: $39/year for “Pro” option

Features: Email logs and controls, Gmail/G Suite integration, Zoho mail integration.

Summary: You can’t forget about the user experience, even when it comes to your email list. You can’t very well use the two plugins above if your emails aren’t getting anywhere. That’s where a tool like WP Mail SMPT Pro comes in. Its goal is to give you everything you need to run reports and discover just how many of your emails are getting read. After all, turning a bunch of visitors into a proper email list isn’t just about how many people you can attract. It’s about how many people you can keep. Plugins like WP Mail SMPT Pro are key technical additions that can keep your email lists clean—and those deliverability statistics high.

WooCommerce Plugins for Page Building and Design

#1: SeedProd

Price: $39.50/year for lowest pricing tier

Features: 150 pro templates for one site on the lowest pricing tier, drag-and-drop page builder, support for the year you purchase.

Summary: Sometimes, designing on WordPress can be a drag. You don’t know CSS. You change one thing, and it seems like that throws off everything else. SeedProd gives you the ability to drag-and-drop your design, putting you in the driver’s seat. You might not expect it to look precisely what you want it to look like in the long haul, but you can use 150+ pro templates to work from, giving you a professional look while you build your WooCommerce store for the first time.

#2: StoreCustomizer

Price: $49/year

Features: Add customization to your WordPress store without creating a “child” theme, offers additional design elements that may not come with the theme.

Summary: Let’s say you’re someone who isn’t quite happy with your theme. Yet you don’t know how to change it. You’ve tested it out, you’ve explored the limits, and one thing is clear: you’re not going to be able to change anymore unless you start talking to a professional designer. StoreCustomizer is a great add-on here because it means you can start taking these design elements into your own hands without having to hire a full developer.

#3: Fancy Product Designer

Price: $20 single payment for one license

Features: Name and number modules help you create bulk orders for customers; customers can add custom drawings, customers can add and edit views.

Summary: It’s not always about how your storefront looks. What about people using a mobile app? What about people who want to spend all of their time on your product pages? People who want to input their own designs? If you sell customized products, you want your customer to feel like they’re part of the process. Who can resist buying something that they designed themselves? Fancy Product Designer gives you the edge over other stores because it invites customers in to try things on for size at your product pages, giving them a sense of input that they can’t get from an ordinary WordPress store.

WooCommerce Plugins for Coupons and Customer Incentives

#1: Advanced Coupons

Price: Free

Features: Cart conditions help prevent accidental coupon collection; create free coupons for your website to incentive purchases.

Summary: It’s hard to find a free plugin that lets you do this much, but here it is. If you’ve ever read about how you can get people taking more action at your store by giving them something first, then you know the power of coupons. The problem is when you’re not sure the coupon promotion will work; is it worth paying some random software money for a promotion you’re not confident in? Advanced Coupons includes both free and paid versions to get you handing out coupons to customers without the risk, though you can always upgrade to the paid version for more.

#2: RafflePress

Price: $359 one time payment

Features: Unlimited sites, lifetime updates, and unlimited giveaways to get started.

Summary: It’s hard to argue with software that makes itself available for a one-time purchase. It’s a great way to win its way into your heart: with one purchase, you can keep running your own contests forever. That’s one of the rare things in this day and age, which is what makes RafflePress so appealing. But what do you get for that price? You can run unlimited contests with your incentives, which means that you can keep customers coming back to your site again and again without incurring additional costs—other than the contest itself. 

#3: Pimwick WooCommerce Gift Cards

Price: Variable, depending on the bundle you choose

Features: Start selling gift cards in your store, create PDF gift cards, Guest checking out for customer gift cards.

Summary: One of the best ways to spread the word about your products? When a customer buys a gift card for someone else. To do that, you need the infrastructure in place to make sure that someone can buy a gift card from you—and that someone else can redeem that gift card at your shop even if they don’t have an account. This will help promote the word-of-mouth advertising you get. You can also create gift cards that you give out to customers for your holiday or seasonal promotions.

WooCommerce Plugins for SEO and Analytics

#1: All In One SEO for WordPress

Price: Free

Features: Setting up redirects, properly tagging sites, and a setup Wizard for handling all of it within about 10 minutes.

Summary: Although there’s a pro option for All In One SEO, it’s hard to argue against this being one of the most fundamental plugins you can install, especially considering that it’s free. Within ten minutes, their setup wizard will have you moving through everything you need to get through to make sure that your SEO is on-point. In fact, it’s such an efficient plugin that you may only ever work with it once.

#2: MonsterInsights

Price: Free

Features: Integration with Google Analytics via your WordPress, analytics dashboard

Summary: There’s an old saying in business. What gets measured gets managed. To make sure your WooCommerce store is measuring everything it needs to measure to achieve success, you have to make sure you have the software on your site running properly. MonsterInsights is a quick-install plugin that merges with Google Analytics to create a dashboard that you can view within WordPress. The result: one quick stop for all of your essential visitor information.

#3: WooCommerce Google Analytics

Price: Free

Features: Integrate enhanced Ecommerce analytics, integrate Google Analytics, support for display advertising.

Summary: Just want to get your store up and running while you focus on making sales? Then one of the best ways to get your WooCommerce journey started on the right foot is with the simple WooCommerce Google Analytics integration. Not only is it free, but you can use the free Google Analytics platform to immediately begin tracking all of the essential information you’ll need to track. It’s essentially a WordPress plugin as well as a WooCommerce plugin, but the good news is that it works equally well no matter what your goals.

WooCommerce Plugins for Managing a Large Store

#1: Product Filter for WooCommerce

Price: Free

Features: Team filters, “smart hierarchy” for making sense of large numbers of products, let customers handle custom filter presets.

Summary: Product categories can be one of the hardest things to figure out for any new store. For many people, the idea of using WooCommerce for a large retail store doesn’t sound like a good fit. What if you have a lot of products to sort through? Won’t you need some developers to come on board and help you create it? With WooCommerce, you can simply add a plugin—as long as you know which one to add. Product Filter for WooCommerce from Envato is one of the best for doing what sometimes feels like herding cats: giving your store an edge in terms of how it’s organized. Add product categories and you’ll find it much easier for your users to navigate. This is key for any store that has a lot of products to search through but doesn’t want to get lost in the maze.

#2: Uncanny Automator

Price: $149/year

Features: Connect both plugins and apps, automate your routine tasks, link unique events (like page visits) to triggers with distinct applications.

Summary: If your store is young, you might not see what an automator can do for your online business. But as you get more and more visitors, you’re going to have to either rely on a team or an automator to handle some of the more menial tasks, particularly as you add more WooCommerce plugins that need to play well with one another. You might have the right plugins, sure; but you need a way to get them to work with each other. Uncanny Automator tops our list for handling automations that otherwise threaten to give you a serious migraine.

#3: WooCommerce Wholesale Suite

Price: Free version, $49/year for premium.

Features: Wholesale order forms, product visibility toggles, wholesale pricing for B2B transactions.

Summary: For many of the plugins you see on this post, B2C is the name of the game. But if you run a large B2B wholesaler, there is only one way to get everything in line: invest in a wholesale plugin like WooCommerce Wholesale Suite. Doing so won’t only give you the power to handle the wholesale orders that (by now) should be coming in, but will help you specifically target other businesses who want the kinds of features you’ll find here.

#4: Easy Affiliate

Price: $199.50/year

Features: Use on five sites, unlimited affiliates and tracking requests, create advanced commission rules to manage affiliates.

Summary: As your company grows, you may not have time to handle your marketing yourself. You may want to outsource it to affiliates. It’s worth mentioning here because not only is it an ideal strategy, but because there are WooCommerce plugins that make it much easier to manage an affiliate program than you’d ever imagine. Enjoy the passive income of new sales coming in while you set the rules for your affiliates with this plugin.

Making WooCommerce Work for You

There are too many WooCommerce plugins to count. But hopefully this guide will give you a comprehensive look at the basic (and high-quality) plugins you can get started with if you want a robust store right out of the box. Pick your top priorities, add the plugins that sound like they’re exactly what you need, and you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish with one of the least expensive platforms around.

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