Groove in March

Groove in March: Privacy Shield, Reporting Updates, 50+ Parsing Improvements, and More!

Here are some of the highlights on the recent features, improvements, and bug fixes for Groove that were pushed in March

March has been really busy for us! Here are some of the highlights on the recent features, improvements, and bug fixes for Groove.

Privacy Shield Certification

Privacy Shield

We’ve always taken privacy and security seriously and to show our commitment we are now certified with Privacy Shield. You can read more about our certification and Privacy Shield on their website.

Inbox Updates

Indefinite Snooze

Indefinite snooze

To help fill the gap left from the removal of Pending status in Groove 2.0, we added Indefinite Snooze as an option to recreate similar functionality while simplifying the number of actions. Read all about this feature in our blog announcement.

Parsing Improvements

At the beginning of March, we started a parsing initiative to help make sure the emails coming into your Groove account look the way they’re supposed to look.

Since then we’ve released 50+ improvements to help with everything from HTML rendering to collapsing quoted content to bug fixes for missing content. Parsing continues to be a work in progress with even more updates coming over the next few weeks.

Draft Handling Improvements

We are in the process of overhauling how we handle both reply and note drafts under the hood in Groove. This means we’re fixing things like issues with duplicate drafts, incorrect drafts, and just improving overall reliability in this area.

Classic View (Coming Soon!)

Classic view

Back by popular demand, the “Classic View” from legacy Groove will be coming to 2.0 with an updated design for a familiar layout. Check out a sneak peek of Classic view.

Knowledge Base Updates

Theme Performance Improvements

We’ve released a bunch of improvements related to how we serve the public Knowledge Base themes. Your visitors will see overall speed improvements making their experience on your KB that much better.

Localization (i10n) (Coming soon!)

For customers needing to support multiple languages and provide a seamless experience to customers, we will be introducing the ability to completely localize your Knowledge Base. This new feature will allow you to customize all text strings in your Knowledge Base, to match both your language and your branding. Coming in April!

Privacy Restrictions for KB Access (Coming soon!)

One of our most popular requests for the Knowledge Base has been access control, or privacy restrictions, so that only certain users can access the content. In the coming weeks, we will be building and testing our first phase of this functionality, to include both password protection and IP restrictions to start.

Reporting Updates

Average, Median, and Percentile Metrics

There isn’t always one-size-fits-all when it comes to reports. For this reason, we’ve added a new setting that allows you to choose between Average, Median, or Percentile. Average is the standard metric, however, it can be easily skewed by outliers. Our new Median option helps with the outliers and Percentile allows you to dig in even further to see your median for a certain percentage of your customers.

Performance Enhancements

In an ongoing effort to speed up the loading of reports, we’ve released our first round of performance enhancements. Specifically larger accounts and greater date ranges should see noticeable improvements.

Busiest Times (Coming soon!)

Busiest time

Wonder no more about the days and times that your support team is busiest. We’re working on adding graphs to your reports that show you the busiest times for both your outgoing and incoming email activity in Groove. Stay tuned!

Billing Updates

New Invoices

Your account invoices have been updated to be more readable and include more details about your charges that result in your total bill. We’ve also added one-click view and download options.

Summary of Next Charge

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding a more detailed summary about your upcoming bill, including any prorations and credits, so you know exactly what your next charge is going to be.

Have any questions or feedback? We’d love to hear from you.

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