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How to Be a Great Content Marketer, Even If You’re Not a Great Writer

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Yes, you can still succeed at content marketing.

“But what if I can’t write well?”

It’s a fair question. And a very common one.

We all want to succeed with content marketing, but many of us get tripped up on the first half of the term: how are we supposed to create great content if we’re not great writers?

Confession time: I’m not a great writer.

And in fact, I was a downright bad writer when we started out with content marketing.

But, I’m going to tell you secret that most content marketers won’t share (for a number of reasons, almost all of them selfish).

Here it is: lots of successful content marketers are bad writers.

Not “not great” writers.

Not “okay” writers.

Bad writers.

I’ve seen early drafts of hyper-successful pieces of content on a number of blogs that you’d recognize, and I’ve been shocked at how poorly written some of them were.

Now, I don’t say this to insult or ridicule anyone. On the contrary, I have nothing but respect for the marketers I’m referring to.

I say it in hopes of convincing you that you can have tremendous success in content marketing, even if you’re a bad writer.

And next Thursday, in a live webinar, we’re going to show you exactly how to do it.

Join Us for a Special Webinar That Will Teach You How to Be a Great Content Marketer, Even If You’re Not a Great Writer

Next Thursday at 1PM EDT, we’re answering one of the key burning questions in content marketing.

Our Head of Marketing, Len, will share:

The Details

How to Be a Great Content Marketer, Even If You’re Not a Great Writer

With Len Markidan, Head of Marketing at Groove

Date: Thursday, September 21st

Time: 1PM EDT (30-minute live workshop + live Q&A)

Spots: 1,000 (that’s the maximum that our webinar platform supports, so reserve your spot now!)

Reserve my spot!
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