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Groove Gets a Mobile Web App!

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You read that right.

It's been a long time coming, and today we are very excited to release our mobile web app into public beta!

Since it is a mobile web app, it can be accessed from any mobile device right in your browser. To get to the app, click here or go to and log in.

The app is in beta, which means that there are still a few rough edges and features we’re working on adding, but the the core functionality is ready to go.

What You Can Do

From the app, you can navigate between all of your folders, view tickets, and take certain actions.

The actions that are currently supported are:

Bulk actions can be taken from the ticket list view by tapping the bulk selector icon at the top of the page and then tapping the tickets you want to select. From there you can assign, change status, star, snooze, or delete the tickets.

Features That Are Coming Soon

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more features and enhancements to the mobile web app. These include:

How To Report Bugs

Given that the mobile web app is in beta, there will probably be bugs and other little quirks that you notice. If you do come across anything, please send an email to with "Mobile" in the subject.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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