Mailbox Settings

Once you’ve setup your main Mailbox, this 3 minute video will show you how to tailor your Mailbox settings to your preferences, and add additional Mailboxes to Groove.

Video Transcript

Hi there. I’m Mo. Head of Customer Success at Groove. And I’m here to help you with your mailbox settings.

Now that you’ve set up your mailbox, head to Mailboxes in the Settings Menu to customize your mailbox preferences.

In Mailboxes, you’ll be able to set your preferences for every mailbox you support in Groove.

Let’s start with who your customers receive their responses from!

If you’d like a more formal, corporate approach to your customer support voice, you can opt to reply from Mailbox Name.

Or, choose Agent Name for a more personal touch. It will appear in your customers inbox as though your agents are emailing your customers directly.

Once you’ve selected who your emails will come from, you can also edit your email signature. This signature will be the same signature for all agents replying from this Mailbox, so we use variables to pick up things like the agent name, agent title, and the agent email address. If you have a customer support phone number, you can add that in the signature too!

You can also add images here or HTML for feature-rich signatures.

You’ll also have the option to add or edit your Auto-Reply. If you’d like to turn off your auto-reply, check the option for Off, and the auto-reply text box will disappear. To add and edit your auto-reply, check the On option to reveal the auto-reply text box. Customize the auto-reply however you’d like to stay consistent with your brand's voice or include company hours. We also have a selection of variables you can insert in your auto-reply to pick up customer data in your reply.

At the very bottom of the page, set the privacy settings for your mailbox. Use the dropdown menu next to Who Can See This? to select which users can view each Mailbox.

When you’re finished updating your mailbox settings, press Save Mailbox.

Groove supports multiple mailboxes. To add a new mailbox click +Add Mailbox in the left side-bar under Mailboxes. It’s great if you have an info@ or contact@ address in addition to your support address, or manage multiple brands with different contacts. Just enter the new mailbox details in mailbox settings and Save Mailbox. You can edit the new Mailbox details at any time.

Once you Save the Mailbox, we’ll prompt you to go through the same forwarding steps as when you set up your first Mailbox in Groove.

Once you've added a second mailbox, head on over to Preferences on the left side bar menu to decide whether or not you'd like to view your tickets through a single inbox or separate mailboxes.

We recommend a Single Inbox if all of your agents answer the same types of support questions, but you have several support type addresses, like info@, contact@ or support@.

Separate Inboxes view works best if you are housing multiple products or lines of communication that have different specified agents handling each mailbox or if your mailboxes have different privacy settings.

And that’s how you customize your mailbox settings. Let us know if you need any more help!

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