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How Boomerang Powers More Than 280,000 Businesses With Only 3 Support Agents

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Learn the game-changing email habits that can save you at least an hour each day.

Do you ever feel like you get too many emails?

Stupid question, I know.

We ALL feel that way sometimes.

We get buried under mountains of incoming messages, and every “ding” or “New Mail” popup sends another bolt of dread through our bodies.

It’s stressful.

It’s distracting.

And frankly, it sucks.

But it’s not our fault. We’ve been conditioned to be addicted to email. Especially in support, where it’s not uncommon to spend our entire day in our inbox.

Well, here’s the good news: with just a few small, unconventional changes, we can get rid of email overload.

We can answer more in less time.

We can stop feeling stressed about how much email we have.

And we can make productivity look easy by letting the systems we build do the work for us.

This Webinar Will Teach YOU To Control Your Inbox (Instead Of The Other Way Around)

By all accounts, the team at Boomerang for Gmail should be overwhelmed.

They have more than 280,000 business customers, and send thousands of support emails every month.

To handle all of those emails, they have exactly three people logged in to Groove doing support; and only one of them is a full-time customer service pro.

How do they handle that kind of volume with such a small team?

Well, considering that they make one of the most widely-used email productivity tools on the planet, let’s just say that they know a thing or two about expert-level inbox efficiency.

And in this webinar, they’re revealing their secrets.

Join me as Chris Cichon, Boomerang’s Head of Marketing, and Lo Marino, their Head of Customer Happiness, share:

And a whole lot more.

Chris Cichon
Head of Marketing at Boomerang
Lo Marino
Head of Customer Happiness at Boomerang

With more than 61 million emails sent through their app, Boomerang has a lot of data to work with.

And these research-backed tips are designed to save you at least an hour each day on managing email.

I was amazed when Chris and Lo showed me their approach, and it’s already making a big impact on my own email productivity.

Trust me: you don’t want to miss this one.

GoToWebinar only lets us host 1,000 people, so reserve your spot now.

See you there,

Head of Marketing, Groove

The Details

How Boomerang Powers More Than 280,000 Businesses With Only 3 Support Agents

Learn The Game-Changing Email Habits That Can Save You At Least An Hour Each Day

Date: Tuesday, January 12th

Time: 2PM EST (45-minute live workshop + live Q&A)

Spots: 1,000 (that’s the maximum that GoToWebinar can hold, so reserve your spot now!)

Reserve my spot!
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