If you're suddenly overwhelmed with support, we're here to help.

Basic email (Gmail, Outlook, etc.) isn't designed to help you keep up in times of crisis. And with everyone working from home, you can't just tap your coworker on the shoulder for help anymore.

We’re offering all companies a 120-day free trial on our software during this time—No strings attached.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, our product can help you organize, prioritize, and respond to customer emails. For those who have never used support software before, Groove is the simplest solution on the market and enables remote teams to collaborate on customer requests.

120-day free trial

We’re offering a 120-day free trial (which includes all our features) on every plan—
No strings attached.

  • Unlimited users
  • Access to all our features
  • 40+ Integrations
  • Free 1-1 onboarding assistance
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Here is how Groove products can help

The shared inbox for when you outgrow email

In the beginning, email is fine for support, but as you grow it becomes impossible to keep track of everything and manage your team. Email doesn’t scale, but luckily Groove does.

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"With Groove’s help, we’ve seen a 20% decrease in support volume, a 46 minute faster response time and our happiness score is up to 89%."

Jared Morris - Customer Success Manager, BuySellAds

Jared Morris Customer Success Manager, BuySellAds

Shared Inbox

Help your customers help themselves

Reduce your support volume and increase satisfaction with a 24/7 self-serve knowledge base.

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"With Groove we didn’t have to choose between simplicity and functionality."

Chris Spilka - CEO and Co-Founder of Handsoncode

Chris Spilka CEO and Co-Founder of Handsoncode

Knowledge Base

One click to amazing insight

Easy-to-understand reports that help you stay on top of the most important customer support metrics.

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"Implementing Groove required ZERO training for our team. Within minutes we were all just working and grooving."

Todd Levesque - Co-Founder and Designer at Lolly Labs

Todd Levesque Co-Founder and Designer at Lolly Labs


All your tools in one toolbox

40+ Integrations baked right into Groove.

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Onboarding assistance

Within 48 hours of signing up, a member of our Customer Success team will reach out to get you up and running. They’ve been doing remote support for years, so don’t hesitate to ask them for advice.

Resources to help you succeed

If you don’t know the Groove story, we’ve been 100% work-from-home for the last seven years. We’ve learned a lot—and so will you. Here are three of our top posts about working remotely.

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