Fewer Email Notifications, More Markdown, and Better Reliability

Fewer Email Notifications, More Markdown, and Better Reliability
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It was customer request week at Groove. We fixed an annoying bug with email notifications, extended Markdown support for Knowledge Base articles, and continued to increase reliability.

Group Notifications

A lot of Groove agents rely on email notifications to keep up with support requests, and we try our best to keep their inboxes manageable by skipping needless notifications. This week we found one that we could eliminate for agents that are part of a group.

Every time an agent assigned a ticket to their own group, they would receive an email stating the obvious fact that they assigned a ticket to the group. We nixed that and would like to think inboxes everywhere are happier because of it.

Tables in Markdown

We’ve always supported Markdown for writing Knowledge Base articles. If you don’t know much about it, Markdown is a great way to format articles and blog posts without having to write HTML.  It’s a favorite among developers with sore fingers like us.

In the past, we’ve only supported the original Markdown specification, which doesn’t include HTML tables. The guys over at StatusPage.io alerted us to this last week, and we added support for tables over the weekend.

Dropped Requests

We started seeing an increased number of dropped requests during peak traffic periods last week. Thankfully it affected less than 1% of users, but we’d prefer zero. After some spelunking, we found our app servers were slowly leaking memory.

We’ve always had monitoring in place to restart an individual process when it got too greedy. It did the job, just a little too aggressively.  Requests were getting dropped because the server was being killed mid-request.

Thanks to the wonderful world of open-source; we found a much smarter solution that restarts the process after the current request is finished. Which means happier servers and happier customers.

Lesley Yarbrough
Lesley Yarbrough Lesley is the head of support at Groove. Her specialties include troubleshooting bugs, tracking trends, and finding the perfect GIF for any given occasion.