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Tons of Tiny Tweaks and One Big Win
for Customer Satisfaction Ratings

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The past two weeks, our development team has been hard at work developing and testing Groove Trends for its pending release, but we’ve still had time to make some small yet notable enhancements to the Groove UI. This week’s improvements include a couple tweaks to the multiple mailbox feature, better attachment control, and inserting comments from customer satisfaction ratings right inside the ticket thread.

Multiple Mailbox UI Improvements:

We’ve made a couple of changes for accounts that have multiple mailboxes filtering into Groove. For one, if a Mailbox has a privacy setting, you’ll see a lock icon next to the Mailbox name to quickly view which Mailboxes are private.

Mailbox UI Improvements

For accounts with multiple mailboxes filtering into a single inbox, we’ve included a built in Mailbox Label so you can tell at a glance which mailbox an email comes from.

Mailbox UI Improvements

Better Attachment Control: Before last week, if you submit a reply before an attachment fully loaded, Groove would submit the ticket without the attachment. Now, anytime a file is attached, Groove will hold the ticket’s submission until the attachment is fully loaded so you’ll never miss sending an attachment again.

Better Attachment Control

Customer Satisfaction Ratings: We’ve made a major change to your customer satisfaction rating comments easier to view and reply to if needed. Instead of solely emailing customer comments from satisfaction ratings in email notifications, we’ve added them to the ticket thread!

You can now view your customer satisfaction ratings and comments on the ticket that was rated, right at the bottom of the rated ticket response, either for your reference or in case you’d like to reply to their comments.

Customer Satisfaction Comments

Bug Squashes: Some major bugs met their much anticipated demise this week, including an encoding bug affecting many international accounts. We’ve also increased the speed of our support widget considerably, to alleviate some of the more recent loading issues stemming from widget traffic.

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